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September 23, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . . . Now what?

Joan Marie Aquilino

Who to Vote For? That’s the question we are all asking. This isn’t a popularity contest; we can’t afford to elect just friends. Get down to the nitty-gritty, make some tough choices on quality and substance, not rhetoric and empty promises.


We also can’t afford to ignore the election by saying we don’t know, we forgot or we don’t care. You better start caring.


The following people are my “for sure,” “no hesitation,” “don’t want” because of a lack of ethics (work and morals), honesty, and a lack of commitment to the taxpaying citizens. With their abundance of arrogance, they are more interested in a political career serving themselves than serving you.


Their words say one thing, their actions quite a different story. So, I Do NOT want in elected office Alex Mooney, Senator District 3, Michael Hough, Delegate 3-B, Kai Hagen, and Janice Wiles both for Board of County Commissioners. None of them put Frederick County and its residents first. There are two from each party, so don’t say I’m playing favorites.


What I am looking for in a candidate is tough to find and I may not be able to get it all but I’m going to try. (Most of this covers all elected positions, but it can vary)


(a)    A willingness to do the job, not just show up occasionally but actually do the work, read, study, research and not expect a medal every time they do something.


(b)    Be pro-active and not reactive


(c)    I don’t care if you don’t know it all, but I expect you to learn it quickly and to ask questions on my behalf.


(d)    Not concerned with running for a second term. I’m not saying they can’t, but make a decision without worrying about the next election.


(e)    If you aren’t concerned with campaigning while in office then political posturing it’s not necessary or wanted.


(f)      A willingness to make budget cuts that actually hurt; sloughing off dead skin doesn’t count.


(g)    Don’t make promises you and I both know you can’t follow through on, i.e., you can’t cut taxes when you are in the minority.


(h)    An unwillingness to spend four years undoing what the last board did just because the last board did it. We deserve better. We’ve had four years of that; we don’t need four more.


(i)      If you are a liaison to a committee, commission or a board show up, participate or be removed.


(j)      I do not want a wasted voice given to what you don’t want until or unless you have a fix for what you do want.


(k)    I want to see the budget process, somehow, someway – figure it out. The current procedure sucked. Have a camera running during the entire process.


(l)      I want a Board of County Commissioners that won’t hand over a dime to the Frederick County Board of Education until and unless they show full accountability to the public for how it’s been, being and will be spent. Stand up for us; don’t fall over for them.


(m)   There is no growth problem; there is no growth, end of discussion. When growth happens, then we can discuss it. Until then, shut up already.


(n)    There is no Waste-to-Energy issue, it’s done. Until or unless something falls from the sky with a price tag attached and a solution at the end of that price tag, this discussion is also over.


(o)    Get all departments and agencies together in one room and find out once and for all who’s on first, what’s on second, etc. This one department not knowing what the other is doing has to STOP, and STOP now!


(p)    I’ll also settle for no intentional misstatements, falsehood, untruth, fib, fiction, hyperbole, fraudulence, inaccuracy, misstatement, myth, fable, deceptiveness, disinformation, barefaced lie, dirty lie, misrepresentation, inoperative statement, lying, untruthfulness, prevarication, mendacity, falsification, falseness, falsifying, subterfuge, defamation, detraction, tale, story, tall story, cock-and-bull story, calumny, fabrication, deception, slander, backbiting, calumniation, aspersion, revilement, untruism, vilification, reviling, false swearing, perjury, libel, forgery, distortion, obloquy, garbled version, guile, white lie, corker, fish story, lollapalooza, whopper, crock,  and hogwash. See dishonesty if there are any questions left as to what I mean.


I think that about covers it.


Is there anyone out there who can or is willing to give this their best effort on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Frederick County? If I can find people who fill a majority of these qualifications I will happily share their names with you and ask you to support them.


So, if you are out there, please contact me, and let me know how many of the ‘Joni qualifications’ you meet and why.


. . . ’til next time


Yellow Cab
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