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December 23, 2002

A Jenita Christmas Carol - Part Three: The Ghost of Christmas Present

David 'Kip' Koontz

(Editor's Note! This is a parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. This time the setting is historic Frederick at the present.)

Jeneezer looked around her room wondering what was happening. "What are those things I have seen" she asked aloud as the clock began to chime again.

With the ringing ended there was a loud clatter as the wind again began to blow. It sounded as if the roof of her home would blow off as she heard the approach of her second spirit…

"Hello Jeneezer Scrooge," the voice said, "having a bit of a restless sleep," the spirit inquired.

"Who's there, who are you, are you the second spirit Evita told me would visit me tonight," Jeneezer asked.

"Yes, yes I am," the spirit replied.

"Then show yourself," Jeneezer demanded.

From the shadows, the spirit revealed herself as Jeneezer inquired…

"Why Louise Snodgrass, you can't be a spirit - you're not dead. This must be a prank of some sort," Ms. Scrooge declared.

"Jeneezer Scrooge, spirits take on many forms and, as some say my political career is dead, that allows me to take on that spirit and come to you tonight as the spirit of Christmas present," Mrs. Snodgrass explained.

As Jeneezer started to respond, the spirit cut her off, reminding her that she had not yet been recognized to speak and told Ms. Scrooge to take hold of her dress. "Hold on tight for we have many things to see before my term comes to its end," Mrs. Snodgrass said as the two flew out Jeneezer's bedroom window and began flying over the streets of Frederick, looking at the decorated homes, the people rushing home to loved ones.

"What's this place, where have you taken me," Jeneezer asked.

"You do not know it. It is the home of an employee of a building company who was left unemployed when you imposed the moratorium on growth and left the primary breadwinner out of work - just take a look," Mrs. Snodgrass told Jeneezer.

"Why father, why do you look so sad," a child asked.

"Because Christmas is so lean this year because I am out of work," the father answered.

"All because that mayor of ours put you there," his wife responded.

"Now, now honey, for the children, let’s make the best of it and put on the best we can - at least we have each other - and the mayor, well she did what she thought she needed to do," the husband replied.

"Well, in that spirit, we must forgive, but I hope one day that woman knows how she has hurt so many," the wife said.

"But Louise, I did do what I had to do," Jeneezer exclaimed.

"Come along," Mrs. Snodgrass said as they swooshed away to the next location.

"Why that's the Weinberg, why do you bring me here," Jeneezer asked.

"Well, since you have never been, I thought it would be good to show you one of the things that goes on here," Mrs. Snodgrass replied.

Inside the Weinberg the crowd is gathered enjoying the Messiah sing along. "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" is being sung with great glee.

"Why do you show me this, Louise, I am not being as mean to the Weinberg as some want you to believe, they are a drain on the budget yes…" Jeneezer exclaimed as Mrs. Snodgrass shushed her and told her to enjoy the music.

As the song ends Mrs. Snodgrass tells Jeneezer to come along it is time to for their next visit.

The two stop at a home where a holiday party is in full swing.

"I know that home, I am not welcome there," Ms. Scrooge says.

"Why is that Jeneezer? I am a Republican and I am welcomed regularly into their home. Those two are the most gracious of hosts, have you done something to make yourself unwelcome in their home," Mrs. Snodgrass asks.

"Well, it has something to do with a job and, well, maybe I wasn't as upfront about things as I should have been," Ms. Scrooge whispers. "But I can't be here. They won't let me in," she says."

"Oh, hush, no one can see us - look what is that they are playing? It looks like charades, let's watch," Mrs. Snodgrass states.

"2 words."

"What's that? Skinny? Skeletal?" Why is he swooshing around like that?"

"Oh, I know, I know the answer, it's Jeneezer Scrooge!"

As the crowd laughs heartily.

"Let's lift a glass to old Ms. Scrooge."

"Yes, that the next three years go quickly!"

Again, laughter from the guests.

"Why do you show me these things, Louise, they simply do not understand," Jeneezer states.

"Learn, Jeneezer, learn, maybe they know more than you think," Mrs. Snodgrass responds as she disappears, leaving Jeneezer alone again sitting on her bed.

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