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September 20, 2010

Campaign Diary One Small Step

Michael Kurtianyk

Monday, September 13 – On the Eve of the Election


With over 60 polling places in Frederick County, our team worked hard to put up signs all through the evening. I called the Board of Elections to get a ruling on when we could start putting them up and was told that we couldn’t put them up until around 7 P.M.


So, my team (Brenda and the girls) left the house around 6:45 and stayed out until 11:45 driving to each of the 60-plus polling locations. The girls were asleep in the back by 11.


Tuesday, September 14 – Election Day


My day started early (4:30 A.M.) so as to finish putting up the signs at places we didn’t get to last night. I ended up finishing around 8:30, and them coming home to shower and have breakfast. Our family then spent the day at various polling places holding up signs and waving. It was something I’d seen done through the years, but never imagined that I’d be the one who would someday be at the polls seeking votes.


My impression was that from the start it was going to be a low voter turnout. An Election Day typically goes like this: a bulge of people in the morning before work; a light stream of people mid-morning; a slight increase at lunch; a light stream mid-afternoon; and then the most after work (5:30 – 8). In talking to the election judges at the various places, and through direct observation, the numbers were light through the mid-afternoon, only increasing at dinner time.


After coming home for dinner and another shower, I went to Danielle’s to await the election results. After thanking supporters and talking to everyone, I ended up going to the bar to watch the results scroll down on the television sets, which were tuned to Channel 19. I must say, that the scrolling was never fast enough for me, since I was wondering what was happening in my race. It took forever to get the updates. It was excruciating. For me, time was moving at a snail’s pace.



It wasn’t until after 11:30 P.M. that we found out that I’d made it through, and that I could finally go home. I was texting Brenda, who was watching the results at home. I’m glad to finally have this day over.


Wednesday, September 15 – The Day After


I spent the morning making sure that the results hadn’t changed, and then started calling my family, team members, and supporters personally. I made sure to say thank you and told everyone that we had 49 days before the General Election.


I then went to lunch at Dutch’s Daughter to do a Rotary makeup from last night. It was great seeing everyone and shaking hands with all of the well-wishers. The rest of the afternoon was spent going door-to-door. I re-ordered my postcards, and they will be in next week, so I am using up the rest this week, saving some for the Great Frederick Fair, which opens on Friday.


Friday, September 17 – The Great Frederick Fair


I went to the Democrat tent this afternoon to deliver my literature and tri-fold panel display, which we were asked to bring. Three of the party members were there, having spent the day setting up for the event. Though windy, I think we’ll be okay through the week. I must say that the true unsung heroes of every political campaign are the central committee members who do all the preparation work for the candidates, including all of the setup and the take down. Kudos to them for making our jobs easier.


Delegate Fundraiser


Our family went to a fundraiser for House of Delegates candidate Ryan Trout this evening. We had a great time and the main speaker was Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot. We had the good fortune of sitting next to him at dinner. I’d met him twice before, so it was great catching up. He gave a great speech, but the night belonged to Ryan, who did a great job with the event, as the turnout was fabulous, and so was the food.


Random Thoughts…


The race for 4A Delegate is very close, and we won’t know until Sept. 22nd who will win – Kelly Schulz or Paul Stull….


Many of us were glad that we didn’t get beat by Scott Rolle, who didn’t campaign at all after filing….


The slate is wiped clean, as we all move on to the General Election…


My hope is that the candidates stay on the high road, and don’t resort to mud-slinging, either directly, or through others….


Looks like I’ll need another pair of sneakers….


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