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As Long as We Remember...

September 9, 2010

Political Musings

Farrell Keough

With the primary right around the corner, the nastiness of various people vying for election has shown itself to be very active. A number of emails, fliers, radio spots, and direct mailings have shown just how far some people will go in an attempt to elevate themselves by denigrating others.


This is not a quality of leadership most people look for in an elected official. Others seem to be making very odd alliances.


In a long back and forth set of emails, Lennie Thompson, running for delegate in District 4-A, would not answer some simple questions about his signing a pledge to raise alcohol taxes. Instead, he brought up issues of lobbyists funding other candidates and even attempted to bully one business owner by reciting various legal actions from his past. It was an amazing display of both immaturity and bullying tactics by someone hoping to represent all Marylanders in Annapolis.


The real twist lies in why Mr. Thompson was being questioned. He signed a pledge to substantially increase taxes on alcohol – a Pledge forwarded by a well-known lobbyist, Mr. Vinny DeMarco. Mr. Thompson’s election mantra is: “If the Lobbyists Win, You Lose!” – yet even before the general election, Mr. Thompson is aligning himself with a lobbyist group and looking to raise taxes on a legal product which will affect business owners throughout Maryland.


If people want a viable choice for District 4-A, they should look to Kelly Schulz. Being a member of the Frederick County Farm Bureau, I have spoken with some of the more active representatives, and Ms. Schulz is very well respected. She shows a depth of knowledge, vigor, and strength to fight for those issues which will benefit all business and taxpayers in Maryland.


A little known aspect of Ms. Schulz leadership took place in Annapolis with respect to Jessica’s Law and the final passage of this important bill to protect children from sexual predators. Del. Joseph Villario, Jr. had opposed this bill for seven years – the year Ms. Schulz entered the fray to promote this bill Delegate Villario finally relented and allowed passage. This speaks volumes to Ms. Schulz’s ability to work across party lines and forward worthwhile legislation for passage. A recent press release speaks to Ms. Schulz abilities:


"Kelly Schulz was instrumental in getting legislation passed to protect the most innocent victims – our children! Citizens for Jessica's Law fully supports Kelly and her candidacy.


She has the proven experience to be an effective leader in Annapolis," says Joan Dantoni Harris, President of Citizens for Jessica's Law.


Similarly, the Maryland Right to Life PAC, in endorsing Ms. Schulz, asks its pro-life members to "unite behind the candidate [Kelly] that is endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life PACs."


Ms. Schulz also received the endorsement of two 2nd Amendment Rights organizations: Tripwire and Marylanders for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (MPFO). Per Ms. Schulz website:


The two organizations jointly issued the following statement, "Among several candidates hoping to advance, we like best of all Kelly Schulz. Give her your strong support!"


Most will remember Ms. Schulz as the chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee. Not only did she bring forward the central committee as an active and viable part of our local politics, but Ms. Schulz showed her mettle when she stood firm and allowed true democracy to take action when Washington County opposed Mr. Michael Hough for appointment as delegate to District 3-B. Had Ms. Schulz caved to forces like a sitting Senator in District 3, we would continue to have a political machine rather than a viable political party allowing us choice in our representation.


Speaking of political machines, the competition for delegate in 3-B between Mr. Hough and the appointed Del. Charles Jenkins has become even more contentious! In a recent Gazette article by Katherine Heerbrandt, (Hough, Jenkins spar about ideals) the various smear tactics attempted by Mr. Hough are discussed. While smear tactics have worked in many previous election cycles, during this political season, the voters have become too well informed to accept this kind of falsehood.


One resident of Brunswick has noted the many instances where Mr. Hough’s supposed leadership has been conspicuously absent –Leadership? by Kim Cable. Ms. Cable has been a very active resident of both the City of Brunswick and Frederick County in general. Her well researched opinions have been of enormous value to all residents.


Finally we turn to the Board of County Commissioners. With so many candidates vying for a position on that board, one can only comment on a few contenders at this point.


Rather than present a list of candidates who will do our county well, this will focus on a few candidates who do not offer a valuable direction. As to the Democratic ticket, only one candidate, Michael Kurtianyk has a record that will promote the needed changes to our Board of County Commissioners. The others have shown themselves to either be completely ignorant of the issues at hand, or worse, having a strong desire to continue with the status quo and lock taxpayers and business owners out of the process and close down this county to any possible local employment.


This leads us to some of the Republican candidates who seem to be Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINO’s). For instance, Commissioner David Gray has consistently voted in favor of many of the Democratic ideologies including giving up the presidency to Commissioner Jan Gardner after the last election and voting against the various proposals put forward with the help of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins to handle our illegal immigrant costs and problems.


Another candidate who has taken a shift toward the status quo and Democratic ideology has been Bob White. Per the Friends of Frederick website:


Bob White, Board Member/Policy and Government Relations. Bob is a member of the Frederick County Planning Commission, having served from 1992-1998 and 2002 to the present.




In the 1980’s he helped found the Citizens for Responsible Growth and served as its treasurer. He was also one of the founders of the Citizens for Quality of Life of Frederick County (CQL), and served as its President from 1997 until it merged with Friends of Frederick County in 2008.


Considering Friends of Frederick has not paid its Maryland tax obligations, this is a worrisome relationship, especially when one considers Mr. White has given at least $240 to the Citizens for Quality of Life – PAC. [The State of Maryland has Robert White as the Chairman for the Citizens for Quality of Life – PAC – Political Action Committee – A925]


Mr. White’s political contributions include donations of $500 to Ellis Burruss, Linda Norris, and Janice Wiles – some of his most significant donations. Representing himself as a Republican, one has to wonder about the significance of such large donations to Democratic candidates – is this a sheep in conservative clothing?


With the primary rapidly approaching, (September 14th, 2010), it is incumbent on all of us to thoroughly research each candidate. I will submit continued information prior to the primary in an attempt to help all of us make wise choices.


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