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September 9, 2010

Unethical, or just plain dumb?

Joan Marie Aquilino

You may ask why in the world when I'm a Republican I would pick on my own central committee. The answer is very simple. I believe in exposing the warts wherever they hide. I’m not blinded by the light just because it says, ‘hey, trust me, I’m a Republican.’ Does “Trust but verify” ring a bell with anyone?


After this group has been called out time and again, they continue to ignore complaints about their less than ethical behavior. The latest being the ‘Slate’ of the self-chosen few who ‘claim’ they will save us from ourselves. Please explain exactly how in the world they plan to accomplish that when they can’t even perform the duties required of them as central committee members.


A couple of years ago, numerous Republicans took the central committee to task asking why Michael Hough, a member, could use central committee members on his endorsement list. It gets better. Party rules say that committee members are NOT to endorse any candidate in a contested primary.


When the subject was brought up for discussion, Mr. Hough himself, backed by Dino Flores and others, moved to table the discussion indefinitely. It’s still tabled as of today, and those committee members are still listed on his campaign material.


Oh, there’s more . . .


They slam former Commissioner and Del. Rick Weldon, for leaving the party when his disgust became apparent because of what he saw as typical demonstrations of that same arrogance. If they were concerned, then speak to him privately; do it the right way, not publically and embarrass all involved, themselves the most.


Wait for it . . . it gets better


Opportunity, the kind most central committees don’t experience, comes around and it’s nomination time to fill vacated seats of a delegate or a county commissioner. It became an Abbot and Costello routine, Who’s on First and What’s on Second. With no rules in place it appeared that instead of sitting down and getting it right the first time, they made the newly written rules work for the situation. Not their brightest moment. The power struggles between the devil group on one shoulder and the angel group on the other shoulder just couldn’t find a happy medium no matter how they tried. Evil won round one.


Here it comes …………….


General rule of thumb for most normal, rational thinking adults would be that if a vote would benefit you either personally or financially, you might be smart to recuse yourself from this particular vote for ethical and moral reasons.


Oh, no, not a chance! Central committee member Michael Hough continued in the same arrogant manner that had been established and topped it off by throwing a little temper tantrum until he was allowed to not only vote for himself, but to make sure Mary Rolle, who was on a cruise ship out in the ocean, would be able to text her vote in although she was not present when the candidates were interviewed. I didn’t know the central committee was clairvoyant. Must be something you obtained during that swearing in process.


Okay………….. there’s more; but let’s cut to the chase and stop the bleeding for now.


Just days ago a wonderful little ditty comes to me via email glorifying the virtues of this group that wants to become your next local Republican Central Committee. It’s written by Katie Nash, a sitting member of the current central committee, and, according to the message, endorsed by two others sitting members, Mary Rolle and Carol Powell. Here we go again with that neutral committee endorsing themselves and certain other Republicans. There are 15 people running for the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, yet they endorse only eight of them.


Below you’ll find excerpts from the “SLATE” email. Form your own conclusions and you may email me for the rest of it.


Excerpts from the Katie Nash email:


“The eight of us have come together…. We are focused on one thing: electing Republicans. The eight of us have committed to carry the torch . . . ., we will keep this county Republican, gain ground, and achieve future Election Day victories.


Our goal is to be an effective Republican team. We promise to diligently work as liaisons between volunteers and elected officials to build a party organization that achieves victory. We know the importance of voter registration. We will work to raise money for Republican candidates. But, we can’t do this alone.


As you may know, voters are often under-informed . . . . We know you will agree . . .  . As an elected official you will need Committee members you can trust and you know will work hard for the principles of the Republican Party.”


Keep in mind that the central committee has not done one single thing to man the early voting polling place on Taney Avenue in Frederick, one of their primary duties. They did not, as a committee, attend the training for the early voting; and last, but not least, they decided it was more important to man the GOP office than the polls for this historic first time event of early voting.


I’m not feeling any sort of confidence in my party when the fox is the one standing outside the hen house doing the protecting.


Please, if you are running for the Republican Central Committee and you do not endorse this behavior, let your voice be heard.


Votes for the central committee are vitally important, and I beg all voters to research and do your due diligence when making your selection for all offices. The core Republican values are still here. Let’s allow them, through our votes, to see the light of day once again.



See you at the polls Tuesday, September 14th.


            . . . .’til next time . . . .


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