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September 1, 2010

Americans are not stupid

Tom McLaughlin

The forecasts by many pundits of the upcoming debacle for the Democratic Party in the November elections are wrong, very wrong. They are an insult to the American people.


First, they think Americans are stupid. They are not. Many people are affected, or know someone who is affected, by the horrendous unemployment disaster. They also know it is the Republican Party who has attempted to block the extension of the unemployment benefits.


The idea of not extending unemployment benefits because people will only stay on the dole is an insult to the hard working Americas who are going at great lengths to find a job. This rationale, being thrust forward by the Republicans, is a boldface lie and most Americans know it.


The American people also know the Republicans are to blame for their plight. It was Republican business men who caused the recession and are responsible for their situation. Although incomprehensible to most of us, in twisted language blaming everyone else but themselves; they, through their greed, caused the problems. They are also insulted by the continuing reports of huge salaries and bonuses continuing to be showered on the individuals who caused all of this. They also know it’s the Republicans who have attempted to block legislation to reign in Wall Street.


Americans also know the immigration issue is a smoke screen to divert attention away from the issues. Fomenting and creating racial hatred, they attempt to rally people against an imagined invasion from, of all places, Mexico.


Most Americans have accepted and worked side by side with Hispanic Americans. Their children go to schools with them and Americans know they are not the horde of people taking jobs, creating crime and all the other imagined ills that have plagued immigrants from the beginning of our history. Americans are too smart to believe this nonsense.


Everyone wishes to win the lottery, have a stroke of blind good luck and have fortune smile on them. This is what has happened to Sarah Palin. Make no mistake, she is getting rich, very rich, for what she is doing and that is the only reason why she is doing it. I don’t begrudge her for her luck, and I wish everyone could have such a fortune handed to them.


I love her for taking advantage of the small number of Americans, many of them wealthy, who are fueling her bank account. Nothing truer here than “a fool and their money.” But, the majority of Americans, Republicans included, know who she is and what she is doing. And they don’t like it.


“And muddying the whole picture is the TEA party movement, a tax revolt whose activists (some clever, some dotty, all angry) seem to loath Bush era- free spending Republicans as much as they hate Democrats. Egged on by the hysterical blogosphere and the ravings of Fox News blowhards, the Republican Party has turned upon itself” (The Economist, London, June 12, p.15, not exactly a liberal publication).


Most Americans, again Republicans included, know they are a radical fringe group, winning a primary here and there only to be destroyed in the general election, because, again, Americans are not stupid.


The Democrats will lose a few seats in the election as every party does in the mid-term elections. Frank Kratovil, (D., MD-1st) comes quickly to mind. Hopefully, those seats will be acquired by moderate Republicans who will work together with the Democrats to re-establish the art of compromise and move my great nation forward.


But the great debacle predicted by many will not come to pass because Americans are not stupid!


[While Mr. McLaughlin lives and writes from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, he keeps up with events in Frederick County and the nation via the Internet and emails from friends.]


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