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August 26, 2010

Larry, Moe and Curly…

Joan Marie Aquilino

The column is so easy it almost writes itself. It happens that way sometimes, but it always comes as a surprise.


Pretend you gave your child oh, say $1,000, but you retained control of that money and told them what and how to use it. To most normal people that would indicate the child was not prepared to wisely use that money and needed monitoring. Okay, no biggie really; we all have a learning curve, correct?


Now think about this one. As an adult running for an elected office who will be managing all aspects of the people and land around us plus all your tax dollars, would you elect that person and give them your tax dollars if they couldn’t manage their own finances and their own office?


Frederick is growing, but our elections are still on the smaller side, and when you are an incumbent or have no other job, please explain to me why someone has to have HELP running their own campaign and spends the majority of their donations on people to maintain/manage them. This shows me they delegate (which means more hiring once in government office) and can’t really manage things themselves; they still need outside guidance. People like this can’t and won’t manage in a fiscally conservative manner. They’ve already proven they can’t just within the campaign process.


Seriously this isn’t a federal job or even a statewide job that might require a large amount of coordination. This IS a job that directly affects your life and your pocketbook, though. These county and state level positions are as close to the voting public and the public pocket-book as they get; and if they can’t manage things this close to us, God only knows what they’ll do with our money. Incumbents have already shown they can’t manage our money and only skim off the surface what they are forced to do in our budget.


Hello.................... Wake up, Frederick. We have at least three people who want your vote to run your county and spend your tax dollars as they see fit, yet they can't even get a campaign website up and running in one case. In another they had their wife explain they are using their own savings to live on so please donate more, but at the same time are spending gobs of campaign money on food items and salaries. Lastly, there is one who has been well financed through the years, but when it comes time to donate to others, waves a $20 donation like it’s a real hardship, while at the same time spending thousands on mailers trashing others with lies. Oh, yes, these are people who instill confidence and pride in me.............. NOT!!!


Frederick County voters need to wake up and see these people for what they are, or are not in this case. They are people wanting to do nothing but promote themselves and their personal agenda with little to no regard or respect for the people they would serve if elected.


They are people who falsely claim they won't raise taxes, will roll back taxes already in place, cut budgets and protect our rights. Just in case it slipped by you, an increase or redirected fee is still a tax; it's just couched in a different term. None of them has or can fulfill any of their promises. If they claim I’m wrong, ask the details of how they will accomplish those promises.


I'm not using names for a very specific reason. I want you to figure it out yourself. If you vote for and allow these people to use our tax dollars, then you may as well open the car window and throw all your freedoms and money out the window right now. If you study the candidates and figure out who I'm talking about, you will also be doing the homework needed to cast educated, well informed votes.


Read between the lines and don't fall for rhetoric (nice way of saying it) and lies (the plain and simple way of saying it). Please don't be fooled by the polished, slick-talking career politician. People like these three not only lie about what they will do for you, but they also climb down into the gutter by lying about their opponents. They lower themselves to levels you and I would never consider just for a vote.


We are a good and sound county, and we need good and sound leadership. Don't fall for those who put themselves up on pedestals that wobble and will fall. No matter for whom you vote, make sure you watch them like hawks and keep them honest and accountable their entire term.


Here’s my last thought and the question to be asked from now until September 14 and until November 2: When a candidate says I will do such and such, stop them in their tracks and don't allow them to walk away until they clearly explain to you and others exactly how they plan to accomplish whatever they promise, and where will the money come from to pay for it.



. . . ’til next time…


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