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December 13, 2002

Yes, Patrick, We Do Have Traffic Woes In Frederick County

David 'Kip' Koontz

This week newbies to the state legislature were given an abbreviated tour of the state (cut short due to budgetary constraints), though the gang's bus managed to make it to Frederick.

During their visit to Frederick the 'about to be legislators' toured the county's Law Enforcement Center and then got stuck in traffic.

Conveniently there happened to be representatives from the state's Department of Transportation on the bus who seemingly took advantage of the traffic snarl to brief the legislators-elect about the need for transportation funding.

Our own Delegate-elect, Patrick Hogan (R.,3A) found the on-the-road briefing to be a "not so subtle hint" that the state may need transportation funding when he said: "They wanted to show us that they needed transportation funding, I think it was strategic on their part." Hmmm, really, you think? (One has to wonder if he scrambled to garner himself a window seat on the bus as vociferously as he demanded his office in Annapolis have a window.)

Now it is somewhat understandable that Mr. Hogan wouldn't necessarily know about our area's traffic woes, just having gotten out of college and all, and thus, not residing in the area long, but one might think that just having gone through a campaign, some discussion about transportation issues might have come up.

Yes, Mr. Hogan there are traffic and transportation problems here and elsewhere throughout the state.

They have been discussed at great length and well, gosh darn it, they are even working on improving the I-70 and I-270 connection and the area around the intersection of Routes 85 and 355, not too awfully far from your parents' home..

Wasn't there some talk about improvements to Route 15 exits - maybe something about redesigning the one at Route 26?

Oh, and maybe the discussion about a Middletown by-pass.

Not that either of the gubernatorial candidates made a big deal about the Inter-County Connector in Montgomery County or anything.

Oh, can't forget about the MARC train, or the discussion about widening I-270 either.

Transportation issues are not new. The list - long.

Hopefully, Mr. Hogan will do some homework between now and the time he is sworn in to find out what the real issues are facing his future constituency since it seems transportation issues come as a bit of a surprise to him.

Maybe the voters will get a not too subtle hint that when they elected Mr. Hogan they didn't necessarily vote for the most capable person to serve in that position - even if they may have thought Patrick was misprint for Ilona.

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