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August 9, 2010

Campaign Diary – ‘Walking in Sunshine’

Michael Kurtianyk

You know it’s been a long summer of campaigning when my girls said to me today: “Another carnival? I don’t want to go to another carnival. Do we have to?”


My family has been very supportive of the campaign, and I truly could not have done this without them. We wear our t-shirts, meet people, and take pictures. The local political parties don’t have a tent at every carnival, but some of us go to as many as often as we can. So, I understood where my girls were coming from when I suggested we go to another carnival.


I said to my girls: “But this time it’s different. We’re actually going to be walking in a parade. Won’t that be cool?” I explained that we would be in a place called Libertytown, and they could help out by walking with me. I think that since being in a parade was a new experience, the girls agreed.


So, off we went to Libertytown. It was warm, and not breezy enough, but it was great. The folks there sat on blankets and chairs on both sides of the street. My family walked with me and I shook hands with many of the people watching the parade, handing out literature. We were toward the end, in between a couple of the other candidates running for various offices. The girls enjoyed it, because they’d never been in a parade like this before, except when our soccer team walked in Middletown.


After the parade, we went to dinner (gotta love that campaign diet!) and met some more people at the picnic table where we ate. We also distributed signs to people, and even put some up in places where we had permission to do so. All in all, a great evening.


Wednesday, August 4 – Support from the Association


I received a call today from a representative of the Frederick County Association of Realtors saying that I am receiving their support for the upcoming primary. It was great to get that call because it was one that I worked hard to get. I prepared for it and took it very seriously.


Thursday, August 5 – Coffee with the Candidate


Today I was at The Buzz in Monrovia. I brought my wife Brenda with me. It was her first time there and she loved it. Brenda tried the “triple-berry scone” with her coffee, and we spent time talking to the owner, Minda, who is such a gracious person. I sidle up to the counter and asked her what she’s baking. My ulterior motive, of course, is to try some cookie dough or cake batter, but then, that’s just how I roll.


Friday, August 6 – Early Voting Information


We received information on early voter registration. Here it is:


Registered voters in Frederick County will be allowed to vote early before the 2010 Primary and General Election days. The new voting process resulted from voter approval in 2008 of a constitutional amendment that requires early voting in Maryland starting with the 2010 elections.


WHEN: - 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Daily


Primary Election Early Voting Dates: September 3-9

General Election Early Voting Dates: October 22-28


*The Voting Center will be closed on Sundays.


WHERE: The Frederick County Department of Aging/Senior Center

1440 Taney Avenue, Frederick


Friday, August 6, 2010 – Tax Free Week


Here is some news that should help everyone, especially parents of school age children. Starting this Sunday, and ending Saturday, we can buy clothes and footwear that costs less than $100 without paying the state's six percent tax.


What’s great is that it doesn’t matter how many items are bought at the same time: you can buy three items, each costing $50 and each of the three items are exempt, even though the total cost is more than $100.


This initiative is being called “Shop Maryland Week”, and the hope is that we, as buyers, go to actual stores, instead of ordering things online.


This will help families as they prepare for back-to-school wardrobes for their children.


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