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As Long as We Remember...

August 6, 2010

Death by Diversity

Joe Charlebois

If the left’s goal is to create a permanent voting bloc – to support its progressive agenda – the tool it will use to create this bloc is division through diversity. It aims to pit one monolithic group of people against the other.


Diversity is not the celebration of cultural differences that we all enjoy, but rather the creation of animosity between groups based on one’s income, the tone of one’s skin, the sound from one’s tongue or their house of worship.


The goal of the left is to define someone. Once someone has been defined – in terms of their group – the loss of individual identity is lost. Instead of looking at the individual’s character they are lumped into the group. Through propaganda, animosity is fostered. It is created by false and stereotypical statements aimed at another group.


The leftist can mold his electoral message to the masses by creating a reliable electoral base of power that can be relied upon in future elections to deliver votes based falsely on our “diversity.”


Diversity is antithetical to the American ideals.


It groups people by race!

It groups people by economics!

It groups people by ethnicity.

It creates a class or “caste” system.


Implementation of diversity by division will lead to a “Balkanization” of our nation.


The American “melting pot” is how this country became great. It took the best of what the world had to offer and pooled them together in a great experiment.


Regrettably we didn’t become a true melting pot until 1964. It took a long time – short in terms of world history – to right the wrongs of the institution of slavery and subsequently over turn laws aimed at suppressing a group of individuals who happened to be born with dark skin.


Blacks were finally allowed to join the melting pot in full with the passing of the Civil Rights Act. That’s not to say a magic wand wiped away generations of discrimination and prejudice, but rather we became less “diverse.” America was now officially treated as one.


Who delivered the Civil Rights Act legislation to President Lyndon Baines Johnson for his signature? The Democrats, of course! But wait, that myth has been perpetuated to a point that if one arrived in America today you would think that the Republican Party was in favor of segregation and a status quo.


Not to let facts get in the way, but if not for overwhelming support for the Civil Rights Act by Republicans, the act would not have passed!


According to The Congressional Quarterly, 80% of House Republicans voted in favor while only 61% of House Democrats did the same. In the Senate 82% of Republicans voted in favor while only two-thirds of Democrats approved.


In fact, after 54 days of opposition from the Southern bloc, a lengthy filibuster – led by 19 Senators, 18 Democrats and 1 Republican including Al Gore, Sr., (D., TN) and Robert Byrd (D., WV) – it was the Republican Party that was able to deliver the votes to get the legislation to the floor.


Since then the left in America has been extremely successful in coalescing the “black community” into a lock-step voting bloc. How? They have created a false perception that they delivered the legislation that led to equal rights.


The left has also created the idea that the “black” individual can only succeed through the assistance of a maternal government. They have instituted race into every department of the federal government and have been successful in making the color of one’s skin the most important qualifying characteristic by making it part of nearly every decision that government makes.


The latest example of the left’s grasp to shore up the waning support for their agenda can be seen in the push to naturalize illegal immigrants in an effort to further split the electorate by color of skin and/or ethnic origin.


Unlike the Civil Rights Act – that had clear bi-partisan support – any move to naturalize illegal immigrants is clearly a one sided and leftist position.


The president and the left want “comprehensive immigration reform,” (amnesty) not to bring illegals out of the shadows of the black market workforce, but rather to attempt to repeat the success they’ve had in building a voting bloc that is solely based on the color of one’s skin.


Learning about one’s heritage and celebrating other cultures is what makes America unique. Americans have come from every country around the world to seek their dreams because we have a system that allows them to achieve it. Typically new citizens, when asked, are proud to be an “American.” There is no apprehension.


We are all Americans, not “hyphenated” Americans! Attempts to separate Americans by color, creed or class for any purpose – especially political – is contrary to our ideals as a nation founded on individual freedoms.


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