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July 19, 2010

Campaign Diary Door-to-Door

Michael Kurtianyk

Friday, July 9 – More Campaign Fun!


I thought that after last night’s rain, the temperatures might have cooled down a bit, but it hadn’t. However, I did go door-to-door hoping people were home. When no one answered, I left my literature.


These door-to-door events are targeted to those within the party who’ve voted before. At the very least, they are welcoming and honest if they have their issues mapped out. I enjoy these conversations because I hear the issues that are important to them. Many will ask me right away where I stand on certain issues like economic development, the schools, and/or the county budget.


One of the interesting things about a campaign is that you meet great people from all parts of the spectrum. This is especially true at a carnival, where I don’t know the party affiliation of those who walk by, or I come up to. There are some people who’ve liked what I’ve had to say. There are some who will never vote for me. Some don’t want to be bothered.


All in all, at the end of the first carnival week, though it was scorching hot, I was able still to meet a great many people.


Germany defeats Uruguay 3-2 to win the 3rd Place Match in the 2010 World Cup. Only one more day left before we stop hearing vuvuzelas.


Sunday, July 11 – Fundraiser


I had the good fortune of going to a home in the Baker Park area for something called “Shakespeare in the Garden.” Hosted by supporters of the arts, it was an opportunity for friends and neighbors to learn more about Frederick’s own Maryland Shakespeare Festival, with actors performing scenes from various Shakespearean plays.


The actors performed admirably, and some of us had a chance to read lines with them. I accepted a role, as did many others, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading my lines, while my daughters looked over my shoulder, following along.


Spain defeats Netherlands 1-0 in extra time to win the World Cup, thus silencing vuvuzelas all over the world.


Monday, July 12 – Soccer Camp


My daughters are participating in the Middletown Soccer Camp this week. It’s a half-day, every day this week. It’s a great way for them to continue their athletic growth, and spend time with their friends. This allows me to take care of my real estate clients (show houses, etc.), and make all of the phone calls and emails for the campaign.


My hope is that they run so much that they will go to bed by 8 P.M. tonight. I say that, of course, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.


Wednesday, July 14 – State of the City Address


I sat in on the State of the City of Frederick Address, as presented by Mayor Randy McClement. He did well presenting the challenges the city faces, citing the blizzards in the winter and the budget woes in the coming year. I was surprised that I was the only candidate in any race who was there. Mayor McClement was clear with his message, and I was glad to be in the audience.


Thursday, July 15 – More Stuff


I sat in on the joint meeting between the municipalities and the Board of County Commissioners. It was a solid meeting, wherein both sides had good discussions about the legislative package that the municipalities would propose later this year to the General Assembly delegation.


One of the outcomes was that both sides agreed to create a task force to review the services that both the county and the municipalities provide. The new “committee” will be composed of two county commissioners, two officials, who are members of the Maryland Municipal League in the county, two members of the county financial staff, and two from Frederick City, and three members from the general public.


I applaud this decision, and I look forward to seeing the makeup of this task force, and the results of their work.


This evening I went to the Democrat Central Committee meeting for all of the candidates in all of the races. It was an opportunity for everyone to meet each other and learn from the central committee what they will do for us during the primary and general election races. They included a schedule of events and contact information.


It was great for a first-time, non-incumbent (in any race) to learn and see the structure for the next 60-120 days.



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