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December 6, 2002

HOLY DUKAKIS! Another Massachusetts Liberal Wants to be President!

John P. Snyder

To the surprise of no one, Sen. John F. Kerry (D.,Mass.) has announced that he is forming a committee to help steer his bid to become the Democratic Partyís nominee for President in 2004. Republicans everywhere are wondering just how much good fortune they are entitled to in one year.

John Kerry is that special kind of liberal from the cradle of liberal/socialism, the great state of Massachusetts. His voting record mirrors that of Ted Kennedy. On foreign policy issues, he has always been a member of the blame-America-first crowd.

He is, as he frequently reminds listeners, a decorated Viet Nam veteran. He led the veteranís anti-war organization. He famously discarded his medals on the steps of the U.S. Capitol during an anti-war demonstration. His service in Viet Nam seems to be a hedge against the liberal tag. Sure, he is a staunch liberal, but he won service medals in Viet Nam, so how bad can he be seems their thinking.

In the late '80s, President Reagan committed himself to saving the people of Nicaragua from communist oppression in the form of Daniel Ortega. He and his followers seized power from the corrupt Somoza regime and had set out to create their own little fiefdom with their "revolution without borders" plan for constant war in Central America. President Reagan pledged support for the Contras, a rag tag group of hardy souls who kept the pressure on the Sandinistas, Ortegaís army.

While President Reagan supported the Contras, the Sandinistas were supported by communists worldwide and Democrats in the House and Senate, led by John Kerry.

They tried to cut off aid to the Contras repeatedly. They championed Ortega at every turn. This stalemate help create the Iran-Contra Affair. That is a separate issue.

The pressure was kept on Ortega to have a fair election to decide the countryís fate.

It was a good thing, too, because when the people of Nicaragua had a say in the matter, they chose Violeto Chamoro over Daniel Ortega by a large margin.

Senator Kerry and his band of "useful idiots" who had supported the communist revolutionaries had, of course, nothing to say.

Since then he has dumped his first wife and married Theresa Heinz, who is worth roughly $800 million via the ketchup fortune of her late husband, Sen. John Heinz of Pennsylvania. Kerry now lives in mansions in Georgetown and Boston.

His perfectly coifed hair is cut for reportedly $75 per visit.

All this, however, will not prevent him from presenting himself as a regular guy. But due to his demeanor, which alternates between dull and gruff, he is hard to warm up to. He reminds one of a tenured college professor explaining Kierkagard to a clueless freshman.

Itís hard to formulate an electoral strategy that would add up for him. The demand for liberal/socialist Democrats had dried up in even in Massachusetts and Maryland.

But should he assist the Democrats in turning further left he will again be of service to his country. Taking his party back to the splendid days of George McGovern will insure a Republican majority for years to come.

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