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As Long as We Remember...

July 15, 2010

“Our” Children at Play…

Joan Marie Aquilino

The Board of County Commissioners has moved into the top spot for arrogance of the week. Over the past four years they’ve done these over-the- top, "I'm boss of you” moves; but now that election time is bearing down on us, they are ramping it up.


Could we – pretty please – elect a new board that will listen and understand what a true majority is, that it’s not the squeaky wheel or the sneaky moves.


* * * * * * * * *


Individual commissioner expense accounts are now turning into slush funds. The first hunk of withdrawals came because they wanted to pat themselves on the back and at the same time, do a dig at municipalities. Basically, it was a list of “see what we do for you and it’s more than your own town or city does.” This could have been accomplished on the Internet with a press release stating the same thing. What a waste of over $5,000 this has been. At this point it doesn't matter what the intentions were it blew up in their faces and they need to take the heat and put it right immediately.


* * * * * * * * *


The momentum is rolling so they once again go in for the kill using our money. Supposed grown up county officials playing “personal 'gotcha” agenda' games.


Commissioners David Gray, Jan Gardner and Kai Hagen pull this last minute rabbit out of their collective hats, saying because we saved the taxpayers so much money by not using our full expense account allowance and because "it's just sitting there" (a Hagen quote), we are going to give it to these organizations even though it was a majority vote that cut them earlier; we’ve now found a way around that vote and we’re going to use it. Look at the amounts given and tell me who was the 3rd vote on that one?


Take the particular organizations out of the discussion because they are not at fault. This is just our county elected officials pulling a fast one.


Shame it didn’t cross their minds to tell taxpayers, ‘we are saving you money and reducing our personal expense accounts’ with the hope of reducing your property taxes; or – even try this one on for size – giving county employees a salary increase.


* * * * * * * * *


Commissioner Hagen is already starting with the pot shots at fellow Democrat Michael Kurtianyk, candidate for Board of County Commissioners. Mr. Hagen pulls a line out of context from an article, Mr. Kurtianyk wrote, and starts twisting. For years I've seen this less than slick, more like greasy, behavior and it’s now becoming obvious to the masses. Mr. Kurtianyk will speak for himself, but this behavior by a sitting commissioner (Hagen) needs to be exposed every time it happens.


As to Mr. Hagen’s slate partners, oh, be so very careful. He will do nothing but give you empty promises. You do all the work, all the research, and he takes all the credit.


Some of you I know and – even if I disagree with you – I respect the work ethic you have shown and your slate leader doesn't come close. His plans are to have you join his revamped Nightmare/Dream Team as its leader and you as his obedient followers. He is no Jan Gardner and never will be.


Think long and hard: you will do the work, you will hand over your email and mailing lists and you will be left with little else but your mouths gaping wondering............ 'What just happen?’ He’s a campaigner with little substance and no sustainability.


I wish all candidates well who have their morals, ethics and knowledge in the right place even if it's not how I think. I know it’s hard work and a huge amount of dedication along with a big chunk out of your lives just to campaign, much less serve. But as long as you remember you are serving and this isn't a career move, you'll be fine.


There is a developing list of elected officials and new candidates who have nothing other than power and their own self serving agenda in mind; and they will do most anything to accomplish their personal goals. Those are the ones I want out of office and or never to reach office.


* * * * * * * * *


I feel like I'm singing that Brittany Spears song, "Oops, I did it again". The Frederick County Board of Education and its beloved superintendent, along with her court, are sitting pretty in their new digs, all smug as a bug in a brand spanking new rug inside their secure and secured – anything but transparent – new walls.


They think it's over; oh. No. it hasn't even begun.


Four school board seats need to be filled with new fiscally conservative, education-minded people who realize they are given the key to our children's education and they better not abuse it.


I expect to see the educated use of taxpayers’ money instead of this philosophy that only by having all the money they desire will education happen. If we can afford bells and whistles, they better be used to educate and not to make administrators comfortable.


* * * * * * * * *


I'm squeezing this last one in and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from others soon enough.


The Board of County Commissioners are back at their role of 'We are the Boss of You Municipalities' by sending out notifications of the nick-named Big Red Road that the City of Frederick has on its Comprehensive Plan. They 'think' the city should do as they recommend and they will spend more of our money making sure they do.


This road is something that may never happen, and I seriously doubt it will even begin to see the light of day for another 30 years. The city can’t ‘take’ county property, at least not without a huge public fight. So, stop crying wolf. Once again, can’t you just do a press release, with directions to the county web page? Stop wasting our money; it’s not just sitting there waiting for you to spend it on frivolous notices that waste paper, ink, staff time, and end up in a landfill.


. . .’til next time. . . . .


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