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July 5, 2010

Campaign Diary – Busy Week Plus…

Michael Kurtianyk

Monday, June 28 – New Venture


I’ve had the good fortune to work with on a weekly venture called “The Michael K Show.” As I said on the show, it’s “live, online, and archived.”


Each Monday morning, beginning at 9 A.M., I am hosting an online show in which I will discuss events and happenings occurring in Frederick County. I will have guests each week to discuss local news and issues. Throughout the one-hour show, I hope that the comedy will come out and we hope to entertain the viewers as well.


[Editor’s Note: Here is the link to Michael’s first show:]


Tuesday, June 29 – Rotary Dinner


It has always been my honor to be a member of a Rotary Club, specifically the Fredericktowne Rotary, which meets Tuesday nights. Tonight was the annual President’s Dinner, which is a celebration of the Club’s accomplishments in the past year, and a look ahead to the next year under new leadership.


The turnout was great, and I am proud to say that our campaign treasurer, Tim Winter, won a Paul Harris Fellowship, named for the man who founded Rotary over 100 years ago. Every Paul Harris Fellow receives a pin, medallion and a certificate. This identifies each recipient as an advocate of the foundation's goals of world peace and international understanding.


As a past president of this club, I know that the recipients are tireless workers, and truly embody the Rotary motto: “Service Above Self.” And it is this motto that I repeat to myself as I go out into the campaign trail. When I hear politicians and candidates speak, it is hard to imagine them even knowing about this motto. More often than not, it seems that “Self Above Service” is their motto.


Wednesday, June 30 – Music Man Rehearsal


I had the good fortune of taking my girls to their Music Man rehearsal. The girls were instructed to have their three songs memorized prior to the first rehearsal, so during the last few weeks, we listened to the songs on the car stereo and at home. My daughters referred to the printed lyrics, and had the songs memorized.


After today’s rehearsal, I asked them how they liked it. Both said they were bored. When I asked why, they replied that they thought they’d sing the songs start-to-finish, instead of just one song (“Wells Fargo Wagon”), and learning the notes line-by-line.


I was reminded of something Rick Weldon told me last summer. When I sought his advice, he knew my love for my children, and how much time I spend with them. He said: “Michael, you will not be able to go to every practice, or every rehearsal. You need to be okay with that. Also, you need to be okay that you’re okay with that.”


After next week’s filing deadline, I wonder how many other candidates who’ve filed have children around the age of my daughters, and see if there’s anybody that I can share my experiences with. It’s definitely a different perspective when you’re the parent of school-aged children, as opposed to children who’ve grown up and gone away, or those who don’t have children.


Thursday, July 1 – Coffee with the Candidate


We had a great turnout at Bella Ragazza, the coffee/gelato shop at Spring Ridge. We had great discussions on the recruitment, retention, and expansion of businesses in Frederick County. We talked about how much a county government can control economic growth, when there are national and international factors at play. We all know that there are no easy answers, but I learned quite a bit from those who participated in this discussion.


Friday, July 2 – 4th of July Preparations


I am busy preparing for Monday’s Michael K Show by reviewing the format with my guests and securing guests for future episodes. I had a coffee meeting this morning with an upcoming guest to discuss the format. I can see why hosts have people who do this for them, since it’s a lot of preparation for each show.


Saturday, July 3 – Busy Day


I will expand more next week, but I see that today will be a busy day: breakfast with writers from; decorating for Great Frederick Float; girls perform at Middletown festivities; back to Carroll Creek for the Float; then back to Middletown for the fireworks.


What a way to spend our 16th wedding anniversary….



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