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July 2, 2010

Fighting the Counter Revolution

Joe Charlebois

Since a group of several brave men sat down in the City of Philadelphia to take on the task of adopting the Virginia Convention’s Lee Amendment and molding it into the document that we now know as the Declaration of Independence – over 234 years ago – our country has experienced quite a bit of change.


What is remarkable is that with all the change the world has experienced over that same timeframe, the basic form of the United States government remains the most unchanged of any nation. What is most worrisome, however, is the extent of change that it has gone through.


As we have grown more secure and wealthy, we have become more complacent. The general public has not been vigilant enough in protecting our liberties as spelled out in the Bill of Rights. Not since the establishment of the American Civil Liberties Union 90 years ago has protecting our civil rights been at the forefront of the public’s conscience.


The Bill of Rights has always been under attack by those in favor of a stronger centralized government. But it wasn’t until the efforts of the progressives over the last century – with the aid of a very sympathetic Supreme Court – that unarguably altered the balance of power between the federal government and the sovereign states. This has left the states and the individual with the proverbial task of rolling stones up an increasingly steep hillside in an effort to maintain the original intent of the framers. It just wasn’t possible.


The raised consciousness of the American citizen when it comes to The Constitution has been awakened as many have stepped up and demanded accountability from those who would take away those rights and liberties established over 200 years ago.


Those who braved potential imprisonment and death back in 1776 to establish an outline for a confederation of states built on the independence they desired did so to free the colonies from rights given by a monarchy or parliament and establish a community of sovereign states with the realization that these rights should and cannot be taken away by man, but rather they are God given – that is, from our creator.


Certain amendments have been targeted throughout the years and have successfully transferred power away from the state or individual and in turn made the federal government more powerful.


When the Supreme Court rules that an individual – no matter where they live in the United States – is allowed to own a firearm, that is balance being returned to its rightful place. When the Federal Communications Commission looks to bring the Internet into the fold of control – with the potential to apply “Fairness Doctrine” principles – it creates a shift in the wrong direction.


Let’s keep vigilant. Every action and law passed by the legislature, and every decision made by the Supreme Court, must be looked at as to how it affects the liberties of the individual. We should not judge legislation or decisions on how government can provide for the people, but how can government allow the individual to succeed while maintaining the highest level of freedom.


This is what our Founding Fathers fought for. Let’s not give it away.


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