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July 1, 2010

Donít Just Complain, Do Something!

Joan Marie Aquilino

Last call, there are three days left to file for elected office for this year’s elections. I think this may possibly be the most unusual and, in many ways, exciting election cycle many will see in their lifetime. The Republicans got their rear quarters handed to them in the 2008 elections. Incumbents are gunning for you this time around. No one is safe, and this as it should be.


Women are paying attention. I've never seen the numbers of strong independent women ready to rock and roll onto the political scene as I have of late. Republican women appear to be standouts across the U.S. and that trend needs more momentum here in Frederick. It's possible to see entire boards of only women, and or new faces. I like that idea?


Where are the all-knowing, save-the-world Democrats who have all the answers and criticism but none of the solutions? You can point your fingers 'til the cows come home; but it’s all worthless unless you put yourself out there, too.


Where are the fiscal conservative Republicans who tell us to cut and never raise taxes, but who aren't willing to put themselves on the line and actually make those cuts?


I could call out the rest of you side line commentators by name but why bother. You post in the newspapers, blogs, and have lots to say on forums and Facebook. You’ve got every excuse in the book as to why not; but if you care enough to criticize, then you should also care enough to do something about it and help us. It's put up or shut up time for all of you.


Talk is cheap and until or unless you are willing to be a public servant, you pretty much have no case.


We've got a Board of County Commissioners that spent us into debt. Their saying a budget is balanced doesn't make it so. Balancing today’s taxes on the back of unknown tomorrows is nothing other than a cheap shell game. The way I see things, unless they can continue that shell game for another couple years, or the economy takes an unexpected upward swing, you and I may as well get a second job now to bail out the government because our Taxes are going UP! The more we work, the more they take.


The Board of Education is screaming for an Extreme Makeover. I've never seen a group of people who can lie, cheat, hide and openly get away with as much this bunch.


When it comes to the Board of Education budget, the commissioners should just bare their arms and belly white side up and let the bloodletting begin. The current commissioners, probably the most arrogant I've seen, can shut down those who pay taxes and build this county but never to those who only take. All they ever do is whine about how much money the Board of Education takes and then – when push comes to shove – they give them everything they want and more. Witness this yet again in the Tuesday, June 29, 2010, meeting between the two boards.


It was a disgusting display of no leadership, no courage, and, of course, no fiscal responsibility; and you'll witness more no's in this one sentence than you will ever see coming from the likes of Commissioners Jan Gardner, David Gray and Kai Hagen when it comes to spending our money. Messrs. Gray and Hagen both want to be put back in office – oh, HELL NO – we can’t afford them. Ask them both if they are willing to give up the perks and benefits and do it for the love of serving. They claim that’s why they are doing it; all I say is – PROVE IT!


This Board of County Commissioners pats itself on the back for doing the best budget ever. Give me a break. Their so-called cuts were nothing more than fluff, sluffing off dead skin. A cut draws blood and hurts, needing time to heal. Who among you have felt the pain of any budget cuts either at the county or in the school system?


Unless you want to pay more taxes and have government further into your personal bank account, get up off the sofa and go file to run for an elected office. I don't care what your beliefs are. We’ll vet that out during the election process; but I want to see Republicans and Democrats out there willing to fight for this county. There should be a primary for both sides, or it’s just a bunch of sissies playing at being grownups. We need people to run for the Board of Education who truly will put the children first before all else and not be so gullible they fall for whatever the superintendent and staff tell them. The members of the school board hire the superintendent and they can fire them also. Start with fraud and misuse of funds.


Frederick County residents, show us what you are made of. This is a great county because of its people. Its people need to take it back. It’s your turn; don’t wait on the next woman or man to do it for you. It’s all about you and we need you now, not next time.


As my buddy Rich always says, “time will tell.” I'm praying it tells me we’ve had enough. What I want to hear is that we have a fully engaged community of active citizens who care enough to step up to the plate and run for office.


Get thyself to the election office and file today.


. . . ’til next time


[Editor’s Note: The filing deadline for the 2010 primary and general elections is 9 P.M. Tuesday July 6. Candidates can file today, tomorrow and Tuesday.]


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