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As Long as We Remember...

June 28, 2010

Campaign Diary Family and Friends

Michael Kurtianyk

Sunday, June 20 – Father’s Day


My wife Brenda planned a great Father’s Day dinner for our family, and her sister’s family, at our house. The weather was hot, and it was great spending time with family. My nephews (9 and 4) had stayed over the previous two nights, and so it was a full house all weekend.


Yesterday, while they were at the state park, I did my real estate work (listing and conducting an open house), and took care of some work in the yard. Today, we went to church in the morning, and then we watched some of the World Cup soccer games, before playing soccer ourselves on the front yard with neighbors. It was great to take some time off from campaigning to be with family and friends. There were a few times when I thought to myself that it was great not thinking about the campaign work, and just hang out with family. People don’t realize, unless they’ve been in a race, how much time is devoted to things outside of work and family.


I will say that I was disappointed that I did not get what I really wanted for Father’s Day: a vuvuzela. What better way to say: “You’re a great dad!” than by trumpeting your support by using a vuvuzela? Oh well, maybe next year. My children did get me Silly Bandz to wear all day. It’s back on their wrists now….


Monday, June 21 – Marketing


I haven’t really talked about this issue, but as a new candidate, I didn’t anticipate all of the emails and phone calls I have been receiving from vendors soliciting their wares. Specifically, I receive emails from people all over the country selling things like signage, business cards, marketing, etc. I’ve even received phone calls at my home from people with offers for help with my marketing campaign.


Now, I recognize the need for salespeople to be proactive, and I admire their resourcefulness. It would be easy for me to ignore them. However, I do return their calls. I do so primarily because if I don’t, then the more tenacious ones will keep calling. I ask if they’re local. If not, then I say thanks, but no thanks. If they are local, and to date none have been local, then I would agree to a meeting.


Wednesday, June 23 – Hayward Road


Much has been made of the death trap known as the Route 15-Hayward Road Interchange. Everyone agrees that something must be done. However, there is disagreement as to the process. Some suggest the state (U.S. 15 is a state road) install a traffic light there. Makes sense, right? Well, not really. If there is a long stretch of road where there are no lights or stop signs, then the likelihood that rear-end crashes increases. Think of the stretch of Route 15 in Pennsylvania, around York and Dillsburg. There is a traffic light every mile or so. The speed limit is also lower, which leads to the next suggestion.


With a current speed limit of 55 miles per hour, shouldn’t this speed limit be lowered? Sheriff Chuck Jenkins suggested that the speed limit be reduced to 50 miles per hour, and continue to use resources in enforcing this speed limit. I think we should move forward with this idea, along with the plan the state has: relocate the southbound right-turn lane about 900 feet north of the intersection, which is set to begin this fall, and be completed by the winter.


It’s an issue that must be addressed, but it’s one of those issues where it can never be solved quickly enough. I wish we could put this on the fast track.


Friday, June 25 – Wilting heat


I now know what “wilting heat” means. It is tough to go door-to-door in this heat, but I drink a lot of water and wear comfortable sneakers. By the way, I’ve gone through a pair already. People have been respectful of my desire to go to their homes, and I leave a post card at those homes when no one answered. It feels like what it must be like in a desert, though I’ve never been in a desert.



Random Thoughts….


What a great win by USA over Algeria in the final game of the World Cup Group Stage.…


I was thinking about building a battleship for The Great Frederick Float. That would be cool. Think about it: swashbuckling pirates and cannons firing….


When I think of how hot it is, I look back at the pictures we took in February during the blizzards….


I am starting a new venture June 28. Everyone will know soon….


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