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June 25, 2010

No Solace for Illegals

Joe Charlebois

Death in the desert, drowned in a river, robbed, assaulted by “coyotes” (human trafficking smugglers), are what some illegal immigrants have faced on their way to United States. Working long hours in fields, pushed into prostitution, working in sweatshop-like conditions are what some illegal immigrants are subject to when the “succeed” in crossing the border.


Why are they subject to these conditions? Because they attempt and/or succeed entering the United States illegally through dangerous conditions and, if successful, do not notify authorities if others are taking advantage of their fear of deportation if they are found to be here illegally.


The issues that these illegal immigrants face are dangerous and can be morally unfair, but why? The federal government is why.


Starting with the end of the migrant farm worker programs and through the amnesty granted the illegal population in the 1980s the, influx of illegal immigrants who have crossed the border over the decades continues to grow. It will continue to do so until the illegal border crossings are halted and until employers, who are intent on maintaining their cheap source of unskilled labor, are held accountable for encouraging the migration northward.


For the past year leaders on the left side of the political aisle have rallied for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” What is comprehensive immigration reform? It is amnesty.


As the details of Sen. Jon Kyl’s (R., AZ) meeting with President Barack Obama made it into public discourse, it became obvious what the agenda of President Obama remains. Two disparate accounts of the one-on-one meeting emerged. The senator states that the commitment to provide border security hinges on a quid pro quo; that is, further border protection will only be tied to “a path to citizenship.” The president’s underlings flatly deny this version of events. But the talk of the last year belies these denials.


Any intelligent person realizes that if blanket amnesty is not granted to those already here illegally, it will take extreme measures to repatriate the millions who currently call the United States their home. Making this even more difficult is the unwillingness of the federal government – specifically those on the left – to not only control the border, but shut off its “leaky faucets.”


How is the administration helping the situation? Well just this week the president has ordered an additional 1,000 Border Patrol agents to the border to aid in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants. It has also ordered the use of an aerial drone to the Texas border to maintain eyes on the migration patterns. Kudos to the president and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for finally providing much needed help.


How is the administration hurting the situation? It continues to provide the dream of amnesty and a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to those here illegally. The administration, and in particular the Attorney General Eric Holder, have excoriated Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the passage of SB 1070 by the Arizona legislature for upholding the same laws that the federal government should be upholding. They believe that the law may in fact be unconstitutional and are willing to challenge it in court.


In another corner of the administration, the Department of Labor, with the assent of the administration, has produced a public service announcement that encourages “undocumented” workers to turn in their employers if they are not earning the proper level of wages.


This begs the question: “When these workers report their employers to the Labor, will they receive restitution for back wages owed them and then be turned over and processed by the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for deportation?” If not, why not?


If this does not happen, then is the Executive Branch guilty of harboring illegal immigrants for political expediency?


If this does not happen, will the Executive Branch be comfortable with the ongoing treatment and encouragement it – and previous administrations – has provided to those already here and to those who eagerly await their chance to come to the “promised land?”


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