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As Long as We Remember...

November 26, 2002

Maryland Democrats Find Convenient Scapegoat

John P. Snyder

At last week’s Board of Public Works meeting, Comptroller William Donald Schaeffer said to Governor Parris Glendening: "I want to commend you. You have a legacy. You left $480 Billion due this year and $1.7 Billion for next year. You double crossed your lieutenant governor. But outside of that, you’re all right".

Many Democrats probably had to be restrained physically when they learned that Governor Glendening had expressed a willingness to work with Governor-elect Bob Ehrlich on the debt issue. Had he done what he did last week to address this year’s deficit during the summer, he could have blunted the effectiveness of the issue for the Republicans. Or so they believe.

Last week’s budget cutting was a pitiful attempt at trying to leave office on a positive note. But Governor Glendening, like any liberal/socialist, is better equipped to spend money and is mentally unable to cut the budget. Was anyone aware that state employees were getting an across the board $200 election-year bonus? Even though we are spending money we don't have, Governor Glendening cut the bonuses out for those making over $60,000, and kept them in for those making under $60,000. Shouldn't there be a workable 10 step program that can help wean liberal/socialist politicians from looking at tax dollars as their own personal nest egg used to make themselves feel better and make more friends?

If blaming Parris Glendening makes them feel better, or believing that Mr. Ehrich’s victory was a quirk, then let them knock themselves out.

At the risk of defending Parris Glendening, his role in Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s loss was small. She was unable to stand on her own. The problem lies with her message, and the message of the Democratic Party. Remember the popular Seinfeld show? It was about nothing. Similarly, so is the Democratic Party and what they stand for.

Most people do not wake up everyday wondering what government program, what new entitlement, or some form of government largess, is going to make their lives better. People look at the state as a body of people, not to be sliced and diced from blacks and whites to gays and straights to Hispanics and Asians Americans. When you promise the world to get out the black vote, you can be sure whites will desert you. When Democrats call anyone who disagrees with them racists, right wing militants and mean spirited demons, all of those who disagree with you on any issue will desert you.

In liberal ,heavily Democratic Montgomery county, the school board recently gave the go ahead for a program whereby students are given instruction on how to place a condom on a rubberized phallic piece in the classroom. Bully for them. But one wonders, how many school districts in the country would implement such a program? Not enough for a majority. What’s a moderate to conservative Democrat to do. May I suggest switching to the Republican Party?

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