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June 17, 2010

Life Changing Events…

Joan Marie Aquilino

Take a deep breath and relax, there isn’t a bumpy ride in sight this week, that is unless you consider my daughters’ taxi rides in India, of course. That comment will become perfectly clear to you once you visit her blog.


Is it just me or does everyone have feelings this is going to be a Good Good Week? Didn’t expect this version did you! Humor can get you through just about everything, if the liberals ever learned that lesson we might actually be in trouble.


My daughter, Coleen, is home from India, and I'm enjoying every single moment she shares with me. Her sister, Rachele, and I picked her up at the airport on Saturday. Her flight actually arrived at 5:03; it was due at 5:03. Now how often does that happen?


She was in a bear hug to end all hugs within minutes of leaving the plane and we had her luggage and were on our way to her first American meal in a year inside of 20 minutes. At least 10 of those minutes were consumed with happy tears and hugs. I'm including Coleen's blog so the rest of you can see what an exciting, adventurist life she's been leading.


I know’s very own Roy Meachum and Nick Diaz are ready to pick her brain. Roy for the travel aspect and Nick from the educational view. The July Tentacle breakfast should prove very interesting since I’ve cornered Coleen into joining us.


If you remember back about a year ago I wrote an article about my girls having this uncanny ability to tag team me. They’ve done it again but this time I couldn’t be happier. Rachele got her acceptance to Mount Saint Mary's University. She's been juggling work, college, first year of marriage, and her husband being deployed over the past year. She managed them all beautifully and is now moving on after obtaining two separate Associate of Arts degrees from Frederick Community College toward obtaining her next diploma and Masters at the Mount. No, I do not understand how they all piece together but she and Coleen get it. I just agree with whatever they say. Makes life so very much easier, at least for me it does.


I even had my own “ah ha” moments of late. I've been struggling for some time with several personal issues. Long story made extremely short, I've come to the conclusion I do not want to run for public office and would much rather support, endorse and help others whom I believe in. Who knows if that will ever change, but, for now, it’s what I want and need.


One step in that direction has always been my association with and my writings here. Well, I've taken it a step further and accepted an offer from Del. Charles Jenkins (R., Frederick/Washington) to be his legislative aide.


There is nothing, short of family, more important to me than our local community and its protection. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I've supported Commissioner Jenkins and now Delegate Jenkins in his efforts to support our community, our county and now state.


Delegate Jenkins made me an offer I didn’t want to refuse. Circumstances presented an opportunity and, after about two minutes of consideration, I grabbed it. I know you can do a job without truly being lock step with your bosses’ values; but for me I doubt I'm that good an actress.


I can’t do a job well if I don’t believe in it. I'm lucky to have a job that will enhance my own learning and having it with a gentleman I actually agree with about 88.9% of the time is an added bonus. (Tongue in check, people. Let’s not go all Weldon on anyone. I would have used the name(s) of those who attacked him, but I’m not giving them anymore PR than necessary). We are staying positive this week, remember?



Along with my new job with Delegate Jenkins, I've also taken on a much smaller, helping out, role for The Buzz in Green Valley. Once again I’ve found a place and people I believe in and want to do all I can to see a small business find success. This business and these women are worth the drive to southern Frederick County for a visit. Frederick has many gems and this is one of them. I hope to be doing an in-depth article on these two ladies and The Buzz shortly.


Then, the last 'new' item on the agenda is my newest role as part of the Reelect Bob Ehrlich campaign here in Frederick. For those of you who have little time left in their day but can't ignore the facts presented daily that we need Bob Ehrlich back in the governor’s chair, please join me and the many others well on their way to having him returned to Annapolis.


I may have decided not to run for elected office myself, but I won’t allow life to just happen here in Frederick without being involved. Thanks go out to Tracy O’Dowd for finding these words of wisdom and sharing them with me. "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."~ Plato.


…’til next time



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