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June 14, 2010

Campaign Diary Information and Food

Michael Kurtianyk

Monday, June 7 – Breakfast Presentation


After a slow week politically the week before, this week began with a bang up breakfast meeting. I was invited, along with other candidates, to the monthly general membership meeting of the Frederick County Builders Association and Land Use Council.


It was a unique format: representatives from both groups spoke about the issues of concern to them. We in the audience listened, and asked questions. Topics included erosion control; stormwater management regulations; Frederick City’s land management code; the county’s Zoning Ordinance; and the like.


It was great for me personally to catch up with everyone at this meeting at Dutch’s Daughter. I liked that – for the uninformed – good information was presented in a non-threatening manner. It could easily have been a bashing of the current county commissioners, three of whom were there.


Rather, it was thorough and with a high level of discourse. I understand that these groups will host a forum sometime in the future, so I look forward to being on the other side of the room, facing the audience.


Tuesday, June 8 – Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner


I had the good fortune to attend the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at Martin’s in Walkersville. This was a great event, with a bit more electricity in the air, not only because this is an election year, but because Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley gave the keynote address. He told the story of a colleague of his who said: “When you go to drive, you put the car in ‘D.’ You don’t put it in ‘R,’ as in ‘Republican,’ if you want to go forward. You put it in ‘D,’ for ‘Drive,’ and ‘Democrat.’ ”


My friend Richard Cody won this year’s award for his contributions to the Democrat Party, both for his words and his deeds. I was proud to have been sitting between him and his wife, Jill. Jill had known about it beforehand, but Richard didn’t. After receiving his award, Richard said, “Will I be fined by our Rotary Club, or will they even know, since they’re all Republicans?” I told him that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Besides, I don’t think any Republicans read my contributions to The Tentacle, do they?


Wednesday, June 9 – Full Campaign Mode


I was busy all day today making plans for the fundraiser this Saturday, but I did have coffee with a friend who agreed to host a very unique fundraiser in August. This is very exciting for us, because it’s her first chance to help in the realm of politics, and first fundraiser that will be this unique. I won’t give away any details, but it will be great! It is likely the first of its kind in Frederick County – I’ll have to ask some of my friends who’ve been around for a while.


I did get to spend the evening watching my daughters and their friends play soccer as part of the evaluations for this fall. On the one hand, it was very relaxing to just watch soccer, instead being so in the thick of it that I can’t enjoy it. However, I did watch with a tinge of sadness, because I wasn’t so active. I told the league that though I couldn’t be head coach, I could still help and assist the team. We’ll see what happens….


Thursday, June 10 – More Campaign Mode Items


I re-read what I wrote for yesterday, and I don’t want to mislead anyone. I spent yesterday, and today, making follow up phone calls and emails for the fundraiser this Saturday. Many responded to the event, but others had not, and I just wanted to make sure that we had a good estimate as to how many would be there. It’s a family event, so I did answer questions about activities, itinerary, etc.


One modern-day event that happened today: I was at a coffee shop with others and I knew someone who had a meeting in another part of the café. I looked at my phone, and saw that he had posted something on his Facebook page about me. It was a positive comment, but I’d not had that happen to me as a candidate and in real time. It was almost surreal.


We had our soccer team’s year-end party at Jaley’s, which is an ice cream shop in Middletown, this evening. What was really cool was that owner had played a slide show of our players on his television sets. We watched the loop of pictures running as we talked about the year. It was a great way to end the season.


Friday, June 11, 2010 – Final Preparations


All things are full steam ahead, as they say, with regards to tomorrow’s fundraiser. There is a chance of rain toward the end, so I may move up the time of my speech in case it happens. I am taping the USA vs. England soccer game, but it may be on inside the house.


More on the fundraiser next week….


Random Thoughts:


Not sure that I should be listening to Blue Oyster Cult while writing….


I think I’ll switch to Dave Brubeck next week….


Rick Weldon should still be writing for The Tentacle….


I wish my schedule allowed me to watch more World Cup soccer games than what I see so far….


Thank goodness for DVRs, but that’s offset by real-time soccer updates on my cell phone….


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