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June 11, 2010

Whose land is it, anyway?

Joe Charlebois

Things would just be better if the Jewish people would just go home. So, where’s home?


You know…Poland, Germany, and the United States are where they belong. Helen Thomas – late of Hearst Newspapers and the White House press corps prestigious first row – was just stating what too many in the world think.


For 3000 years the Jewish people have been migrating throughout the current Middle East from Egypt to Syria. One thing is certain; the land the people of Israel now occupy has been their home – time and time again. Even though large populations of Jews live in Europe and North America, they have immigrated to other parts of the world from this land. Jerusalem is – and has been – the historical capital in both religious and secular terms.


When the United Nations “created” the State of Israel, providing the land needed to establish a refuge from the atrocities of the previous decades, land was carved out around Jerusalem in what was then called Palestine.


When the State of Israel was created the Jewish people in greater numbers returned to their homeland from countries around the world to anchor their fledgling country.


Gaza – the territory that lies along the southern coast between Egypt and Israel – has been subject to numerable power transfers over 4000 years.  From the time of Canaan, to today, Gaza has fallen under the control of kings, emperors and even British control. Gaza was actually a part of the Kingdom of David.


The Jewish people are arguably the most persecuted people throughout history. They do have allies outside of the United States, but those allies have felt the pressure from the ever-increasing level of anti-Semitism from Muslim countries, and countries like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.


The legal embodiment and home of anti-Semitism can be found in the actions of the United Nations, which ironically seeks to divide people based on religious intolerance.


In 1975 the United Nations General Assembly created the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. Instead of helping the Palestinian people, it has created a committee that has provided millions in funding to excoriate the State of Israel. It’s funding and existence depends on the continued division between the two peoples of the region.


In fact the United Nation’s Human Rights Council created in 2006 has worked as a tool of the Arab League and the Islamic Group to produce resolutions targeted nearly all at Israel. It is a sham of all shams. The weak responses from other nation states have effectively allowed the world to cast aspersions at Israel for the past 30-plus years with little-to-no effective response.


International leaders have used the power of the United Nations dais to deny The Holocaust.


The current situation is nothing more than the enemies of Judaism trying, through the international community, to gain approval for ethnic cleansing.


Until people are told the truth of Gaza, the world will continue to believe the Israel is continuing the blockade out of hatred for the Palestinian people. What percent of Americans realize that Egypt is partners with Israel in this naval blockade? The Egyptians realize the importance of containing the attacks that Hamas has inflicted upon southern Israel. What reports in the media made note of this fact?


Israel is a sovereign nation, one that is a geographically and politically isolated nation in the midst of hostile neighbors. It – through peace talks – has given back much of the land that it won in the wars it fought. It has held on to lands won that provide strategic benefit to their defense.


Where should the Israeli people go? No where! They’re already home. They have the right to defend it.


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