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May 20, 2010

Making Choices!

Joan Marie Aquilino

The latest is that three county commissioners cut funding to most nonprofit organizations. Bravo, about time they got serious about cuts. I seriously doubt any of these groups is not worthy; that is not the issue.


I no more want my tax dollars going to bail out car manufactures than I do paying for art projects, people that got into houses they could never afford, or teen childcare. Once again, being worthy or not isn’t the issue. Being government supported is the issue. Government needs to allow people to feel the pride of doing for and by themselves.


Falling on your face is not the worse thing to happen. We can all make poor choices; but if there is always someone to cover for us, how will we ever learn to make it on our own? Some of the most successful people in the world came from less than silver-spoon beginnings. For those who think we need to spoon feed everyone, just look at Oprah and Barack Obama?


Since they make more than I do, should the government take from them and give to me. I don’t think so. Look at the liberal media, the Hollywood bunch. Were they handed their first role by the government? Do they now pay their fair share of taxes, or do they use every available means to cut their personal and business taxes to the bone?


Sitting in the WFMD studio on Tuesday brought it all home to me once again. They aren't the only ones doing good; but this was just one of those 'signs,' literally and figuratively, that so many talk about. It was a small sign at the top of a bulletin board located right above the control boards. It simple says, "$134,388.59.” That is the amount of money raised for Christmas Cash for Kids in 2009. Monday through Friday, not even a full week, and nearly $135,000 came pouring in from citizens and business owners just like you and me.


For those of you who missed my point in my wandering story, it is: let the private sector do the charity, let the government provide the essentials (fire, police, sewer, water etc.) only. Businesses will fail. It’s not always fair, and people get hurt; but it’s life. In one fell swoop you get lower taxes, a tax deduction and you get control back.


A caller on the show talked about things not being fair. I'm so glad he called because I sometimes forget how dependent people can be on others. He honestly thought anyone making money should pay for those not making money.


Allow me a moment to put this practice into a real life situation. Bob moves to Frederick County with his family at the age of five. He goes to school. His parents work and buy a farm. Bob graduates and goes off to college, paid for by his parents because they were very frugal and saved Bob’s whole life to pay for his college.


Off he goes. Gets his degree. Starts a business. Gets married and has children. He inherits the land his parents bought and paid for many years prior, and he continues to work, save and prepares for retirement. Then out of the blue…………BAM!............. His neighbor two properties down the road can't afford to keep his house, send his children to school and lost his job because of poor performance; or maybe he just felt like a career change and wanted to be a dancer.


According to Bob, he should then give up his fair share of everything he’s worked for to support his neighbor. There is nothing wrong with the neighbor other than the consequences of his own actions. He made some bad choices. In the end they both lose everything because Bob couldn’t sustain the non-working neighbor. Everyone wants a sustainable world; well this is not the way to get it.


I won't apologize for wanting to keep what I make and making my own decision as to who and when I help others. It's not my job, nor my government’s, to subsidize those who can't take care of themselves through their own choices.


Bob also blames the private sector for not paying their fair share in taxes. Well, Bob, who exactly made the tax laws? The government! If you think the tax system isn't 'FAIR," then maybe you should talk to the government about how they administer it to everyone, themselves in particular. I'm not saying we shouldn’t pay taxes. I am saying the way – and what we pay taxes for – isn't right; and, yes, Bob, it's not fair either.


The difference between Bob and me is that I don't expect life to be fair. I expect to pick myself up by my boot straps. I don't expect others to do that for me or mine. It’s wonderful when friends and family are there to support us while we get our footing, but it’s not expected, it’s appreciated. I expect to give back of my own free will. What about Bob?


Bottom line: Life is not fair, never has, never will be. . . We are now living with the consequences of our actions. We allowed government too much access. We need to trim government spending and – of course – it will hurt. We aren’t used to living within our means. We must learn to, once again, be responsible for our actions. It’s a lesson long forgotten by far too many.


Governments reach must be shortened. Remember that when you vote.


 . . . . .’til next time . . . . . .


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