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As Long as We Remember...

November 15, 2002

Watch For The Boys In Your Neighborhood

Bethany Stevenson

Reports say that young men dressed in uniform have been seen wandering your neighborhood and others around the county. They come up to the door and drop off a bag and move on without knocking.

Who are these uniformed boys and what are they up to?

They are a call to arms. These Boy Scouts are doing a good turn for our county in which we also have a part to do.

Last Saturday, Cub Scouts delivered thousands of bags to thousands of homes. These bags are the Scouting for Food bags. This Saturday, the older Boy Scouts will pick up these bags from your doorstep. Hopefully each and every bag will be full to overflowing with donated food items.

Did you know that this annual Food Drive stocks the shelves of the county Food Banks for a majority of the year? Do you remember that earlier this fall a plea went out for donations to the Food Bank because their shelves were empty?

Charity is the love of all mankind that inspires us to serve and give freely of our abundance to lift those who are not as blessed. There are elderly persons in our community who really do have to choose between eating meat and no medication or just mashed potatoes and having medication. There really are women who got involved with the wrong type of man, had a child or two and found themselves unable temporarily to provide for themselves. There really are those who are affected by the state of the economy, have lost jobs, savings and have no family to assist them.

When a person remembers that they spent $24.99 last week on a Playstation game, or they took their family to the movie theater for $35 (that includes popcorn), and then knows that there is a family out there who have zero food on their shelves, it shouldn’t be too hard to sacrifice a little entertainment so that others do not starve.

That $25 or $35 can go a long way to feed a family for a week. Stocking the shelves of the food bank with rice, mashed potatoes, green beans, and baby formula is an insurance for our community that we cannot afford to be without. It takes a great deal of humility to walk into the food bank to ask for help. If the volunteer there has to turn them away because of a lack of food, where will that person turn next to seek the life source that is needed? Stealing, selling drugs, prostitution and other acts of desperation will shortly commence.

How easy it is to fill one or two grocery sacks with non-perishable foods to keep a person from turning to avenues none of us would every consider an option, until there are no more options.

The Scouts will begin their pick up on Saturday morning at 8 am. Put your bags out so they can see them, support the hard work of these young volunteers and give freely of your cupboards.

Surely there are still plenty of the canned yams that were donated last year because donors did not want them. Give of your abundance, not of your trash.

If you get a chance pat one of these young men on the back for their good works. The Scouts work very hard every year to fill those shelves. What a good example they are to us all!

And if by chance your neighborhood is missed, you can always bring your donations to any of the local food banks in Frederick County.

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