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As Long as We Remember...

May 6, 2010

Varied and Consistent Praise

Joan Marie Aquilino

This past weekend many of us attended Del. Charles Jenkins’ event at the Cracked Claw in Urbana. It was refreshing to see not only familiar faces but just as many new ones.


Our local Annapolis Republicans were there, minus one, offering their support for Delegate Jenkins. The room held friends from all corners of District 3B and our county, not outsiders who don’t know us or him.


Local officials in the court and law enforcement field such as Clerk of the Court Sandra Dalton, Orphans Court Judge Tim May, and Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, as well as others. All offered their endorsements of Mr. Jenkins.


Del. Don Elliott (R., Frederick/Carroll) spoke about how shocked he was to witness what Mr. Jenkins accomplished and said that it’s rare for someone so junior to garner that respect.


Sen. David Brinkley filled us in on how important it is to keep Delegate Jenkins in Annapolis where he can protect our interests. It's not only about getting things passed, but, in such a heavily weighted Democrat state, it's as important to stop things from being passed.


Former Del. Rick Weldon was obligated to attend the Frederick County Spelling Bee at the Weinberg Center, yet he took the time to send his personal endorsement, requesting it be read.


I was quite honored to read his heartfelt and sincere words. As Mr. Weldon said, Delegate Jenkins words aren’t empty promises; they are proven and action driven. Senator Brinkley added his own praise for Mr. Jenkins’ ability to use his county government knowledge and to find avenues of success rather than just saying “No” for the sake of saying “No.” He said there was no doubt about Delegate Jenkins conservative value; he proves them daily.


Mr. Jenkins’ only declared opponent obviously has every right to run. What he does not have the right to do is throw out lies, innuendos, etc., as fact when they have no basis in anything other than his own personal agenda and rhetoric.


I’ll leave you with this last thought concerning Delegate Jenkins. He can take the most complicated, convoluted piece of legislation and break it down, offering the public, and even his fellow legislators, a full understanding minus the excess babble that does little else than to distract and confuse.


Be a responsible voter and contact Delegate Jenkins directly. He will readily answer your questions.


* * * * * * * * *


Casa de Maryland is at it again, standing in protest to the recently passed Arizona Illegal Immigration law. Maryland is an open door state for illegal behavior. Gov. Martin O’Malley not only embraces, he encourages illegal immigration, paying for it with your tax dollars given to Casa.


Groups across the country are promoting any efforts to enforce our immigration laws as racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously we've proven there was no racial profiling with Frederick County’s implementation of the federal 278g program, as will Arizona.


President Obama is involving himself, claiming he feels civil rights are being ignored. Sure would be nice if he took that much interest in protecting my rights and money and the rights of my children as he does those breaking our laws. He is the President of the United States of America, isn’t he?


I can't text or talk from my cell phone while driving. I can't smoke, eat transfats, or salt. I'm guessing butter, chocolate and maybe even poptart bans are coming soon. I have to wear a seat belt, wear a helmet, and pay taxes for gas to build roads. Yet, all I see are bike paths and metro transit systems. I pay taxes and then watch it given to organizations that support illegal immigration.


God only know what else the government is going to get in my face about and either force me to do or not allow me to do.


So, here is one I'll give you. I will proudly and gladly carry identification that proves my citizenship in my country stating I'm a full legal American citizen. So, with my blessings, figure out what you want me to carry. I’ll not only carry it, I’ll proudly offer it up as identification when required. I dare you.




To the Board of County Commissioners: Stop spending; stop funding anything that is not absolutely essential. Make a ruling on what you as a board of five consider 'essential.' Then, make ‘essentials’ a super majority vote. Lack of planning on your part doesn't give you the right to take my money. I can no longer afford non-essential items.


Secondly, stop with the play nice ‘rules’ only when it works in your favor. As much as even I would like to see duck tape used with reckless abandon on some of you, you were elected and that is that.


It’s the voters’ responsibility to put gags on elected officials at the polls. Didn’t you learn anything from the now infamous Board of Education ‘Norms?’ Stop the political posturing and do your damn jobs.


I don’t care how many hours you spend, you wanted this job. Poor, poor pitiful politicians and how bad you have it. Get off your victim high horse and pull up your big boy/girl pants and get the job done. God, am I tired of whiners. Say what you mean; mean what you say; then please shut up.




To the Frederick Board of Education: What is left to say? You made the Board of County Commissioners look like fools. You won; you know the rules and play the budget game much better than the county leaders do. This latest budget shell game had not one single thing to do with teachers, children or their education. It had everything to do with who has more power. You do! It had to do with the completion of the central office building; the furniture ‘wanted’ for your new building, bonuses and privilege for a select few; and, let us not forget, the parking perks.


You did a stellar job conning the parents, teachers, and students into believing it’s all about them, when in reality it has nothing to do with them. It’s all about you.


Obviously you play dirty better . . . Bravo! What a sad claim to fame for you.


. . . . ’til next time . . . . .


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