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November 13, 2002

Some Winners and Losers From Election 2002

John P. Snyder

It does not matter whether they won or lost, any citizen that gets off the sidelines and into the political fray has performed a wonderful public service. Anyone who opens themselves up to the slings and arrows of the political arena should get everyone’s respect and appreciation. However, here is a review of some entities, while certainly not on the ballot, clearly was either victorious or defeated on Tuesday, November 5th.

Winner: The Citizens of the State of Maryland

While new to our state, the system of checks and balances that a strong two party state creates has proven effective in every other state in the Union. While Republicans are greatly outnumbered in Maryland, Annapolis will not be the liberal/socialist debating society it once was.

Loser: Parris N. Glendening

A bi-partisan groan could be heard throughout the state when he blamed KKT’s loss on running a lousy campaign . "The worst in the country", he said. Here’s hoping the next time he steps up to a microphone it is to say, "Welcome to Sheets, Pump Six is on".

Winner: Ellen Sauerbrey

This great lady blazed the path that led to Bob Ehrlich’s win. Her tireless efforts to make Maryland a two party state should never be forgotten. For her efforts she was smeared as a racist. Can't say she didn't warn us about Mr. Glendening.


Hey fella’s, here’s a news bulletin. This is Frederick County. Not to be confused with San Francisco or Provincetown. Here’s another news flash. Alex Mooney won, now get over it.

Winner: Drex Ryberg, Frederick County Chairman, Ehrlich for Governor

Outstanding job done by the energetic Drex, with the help of his wife Jeanne, who rallied the troops and got the signs up and created the enthusiasm that helped Bob Ehrlich snare 66% of the vote in Frederick County.

Loser: Frederick Mayor Jennifer Dougherty

Her constant campaigning on behalf of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Sue Hecht paved off handsomely for Bob Ehrlich and Alex Mooney.

Winner: Erin DiLullo, Campaign Manager, Mooney for Senate

Brainy and focused, she kept the Mooney campaign on the straight and narrow the whole campaign. While her opponents where in a constant state of crying and moaning about something, she made sure that the Mooney camp never strayed off message and that all the doors in the district were knocked on twice. She has quite a future in front of her.

Loser: Friends of Sue Hecht, Purveyors of Exquisite Direct Mail Garbage

What’s worse than a wife beater with a gun? Try any campaign consultant that thought this direct mail piece will erase a 10 point deficit in 10 days. Sadly, many people will forget the good things Sue Hecht has done for this community but will never forget the revulsion caused by that single piece of direct mail.

Winner: Ilona and Larry Hogan

The new generation of Hogans in the political arena was helped in no small way by the goodwill and trust accorded to Patrick Hogan’s parents. Like his parents, he'll do a great job.

Loser: The Natural Resources Police endorsement of Dino Flores

Experts agree. This key endorsement catapulted Mr. Flores vote total by at least three votes. They really had a hand in this election.

Winner: Frederick County

It’s hard to imagine. A sitting governor that likes our delegation, knows where we are located and plans to visit us now and then. It’s too good to be true.

One could go on, but why belabor the obvious?

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