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April 22, 2010

Stop The Bleeding…etcetera

Joan Marie Aquilino

I had an article that never even mentioned the Frederick County Board of Education prepared for today. It was all about the county’s new comprehensive plan. But, after watching the tearful superintendent of schools, Linda Burgee, and the robotic elected members of the school board, that all changed.


While doing The Blaine Young Show on WFMD Tuesday with Mark Kreslins, of The Forgotten Men, and Adam Avery, of Senior Talk Radio, several points were brought up, questions were asked, accusations made, and blood was boiling.


Mr. Avery asked me what is important about our local board of education. (He is always the interviewer.) Even Mr. Kreslins, who is normally calm, matter of fact and usually considered the ‘nice’ one, had his blood pressure at the danger point. All of this went down because of the arrogance and audacity of this superintendent and our Board of Education. I think it was Mr. Kreslins who tagged her Tearful Burgee.


The public has reached its tipping point with this money sucking black hole called Frederick County Public Schools. It has turned into a monster that no matter how much you feed it, its quest for more can never be satisfied. For far too long we’ve lived in blissful ignorance believing those in charge of the education for our children would never do anything except protect and educate to the best of their abilities. Why did we believe that? We interview babysitters! We watch our children and check out playmates and their families! We pay attention, yet we take our children to school, drop them off and leave, trusting in the fact that all will be well.


Basically that is what happens, but not always, and certainly not lately. We must pay closer attention, or we deserve exactly what this government entity doles out. Our children depend on us to guide and protect them. We need to step up to the plate and do our jobs as parents.


The school board might have started out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way the elitist in them came to the forefront, and it became about them rather than our children, their teachers and ultimately their education.


The system became preoccupied with padding the budget and building an empire; the children got pushed to the background.


Seems difficult to believe, doesn’t it? Just step back and let go of preconceived ideas and look – really look – at how it stacks up. When you hear about cuts being made, ask questions. Ask what exactly does that mean! Is there actually a person in that position? Are they really losing their job, or are they being placed elsewhere? Was that position really needed in the first place? Find out the truth.


More and more often our children are given diplomas yet can’t go directly to a four-year college without remedial courses, especially at our local community college. Doesn’t it seem odd, and very costly, that graduates of our local schools have difficulty obtaining admission to a state university?


I’m not even saying all children should be college bound, but I am saying for those who want to be, they should not be graduating without being prepared for that next step.


The school system can’t seem to address the most basic of its responsibilities, yet they have plenty of time to address the building of a new office building; the ‘new’ furniture for it; the absolute need for a fully funded budget; and the demands of funding the maintenance of effort. They, the Board of Education, need to figure out that the only reason they are where they are is because of the children and their parents in this county. Without them, they have no purpose.


This article doesn’t need massive explanations, exploration, or even examples. It’s all been said before! It’s all been proven! Now it’s up to you the taxpayer, parent, student and teacher to put a stop to it.


If we are ever to get back to its purpose, its sole purpose, then this school board must be told that you’ve reached your tipping point and there is no going back. They work for you! If you don’t allow them to walk all over you, then they can no longer do it. It’s your call and completely within your power to put an end to this massive waste of our taxpayer money.


When I tell others I believe the public has the strength to do what is necessary, I’m told I’m a wishful-thinking fool. Please prove them wrong. Stand up and let the board of education know that enough is enough and you won’t take it any longer.


Go to the hearing on the school board budget at 6 P.M. Tuesday, May 4th at Middletown High School, and listen very carefully to all the speakers and then get out of your seat, with knowledge and courage to do what must be done.


Support the efforts of three strong members of the Board of County Commissioners who hurt their own political futures by requesting a waiver of the state required maintenance of effort. Do the right thing and speak out. Let others know the bleeding is about to come to an abrupt stop. Speak up and refuse to allow the school board to pit parents and teachers against each other in its effort to distract and divert attention from the real issue of poor spending.


So Adam, to answer your question . . .  The public is taking back control and we won’t be victims any longer. Next, municipalities?, county?, state?, feds? ………… there’s no stopping us now.


Governments, clean up your acts. We are coming after you.


’til next time…


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