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April 9, 2010

A Statement from the Author

Joe Charlebois

On Faith


There is a God. A higher being created the world where we are all born free with basic natural rights. Our founders acknowledged this time and time again.


On Constitutional Issues


Our Founder’s believed that the people have been given our rights but our Creator. The government grants not rights. “The people” have been “…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


State’s rights should be returned to the states. The Constitution clearly distinguishes powers ceded to the federal government. All others belong to the people.


Federal agencies should have a strong ability to regulate, but with strict oversight of those same agencies to keep them from becoming judge, jury, and executioner.


Socialized portions of the federal government should be privatized, to the extent that it is possible.


On Economics


Equal tax rate for all. If we are all truly equal, we should all hold responsibility for each other in respect to funding of government services in equal apportionment.


The “death tax” should be repealed, permanently. It is double taxation. It is the eventual destruction of small business in America.


No one should be punished for success. As one’s income grows – through his or her own industry – there should not be a disincentive to grow.

Corporations in the U.S. should have the lowest tax rate of an industrialized country, not the highest. This leads to an exodus of good jobs to other countries.


The federal government should not mandate what the market will provide through unnatural forces of supply and demand.


Lack of competition for healthcare is the primary reason for escalating costs.


On Voting


The basic right to vote should not be infringed.


State issued voter identification cards should be available to all citizens.


States should not issue driver’s licenses without proof of citizenship.


On Social Issues


Policies that eliminate social engineering should be implemented.


The sanctity of marriage should be upheld.


Eliminate euthanasia – protect the unborn and the elderly.


Opportunity exists for all in the United States.


The tone of someone’s skin should not exclude them from opportunity, nor should it be a reason to promote them unfairly.


On Security


America should create and maintain a true and secure border.


Citizenship should not be cheapened by the granting of immunity for those who attempt to gain access to our country through illegal means.


Those who overstay their visas – or are here illegally – should be returned home at the earliest possible time.


The U.S. military should be used only to defend our interests both strategic and moral.


On Energy/Environment


The United States should increase opportunities for the domestic production of oil, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, geo-thermal, and hydro power.


Incentives to increase recycling should be greatly encouraged without government regulation. Single stream recycling has shown to be an effective way of minimizing refuse and minimizing the deposit of recyclables into the landfill.


Waste-to-Energy options should be considered. If refuse can be used to generate power in the most, clean and efficient way, it should be seriously considered. Landfills can and do leak. This can create water table pollution that is unseen. It is not the only alternative.


“Cap and Trade” is merely an anti-capitalistic scheme that attacks industry. It is a power grab that taxes any large user of power. It is all based on questionable data collection and interpretation. The earth is a dynamic and ever changing entity that has survived many severe climatic changes, none of which were created by man.


This statement is based on the Constitution and common sense. If we are to continue as a great nation, we need to base our actions on our constitutional foundations.


We need to defend our Bill of Rights. We need to protect our most vulnerable. We need to protect our nation’s sovereignty.


We need to protect our environment and leave it better than we found it.


We need to provide economic opportunity for our citizens by removing the shackles of over regulation and taxation.


Our leaders would do well to follow this modest statement.


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