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As Long as We Remember...

April 8, 2010

Budgets and Bravado

Joan Marie Aquilino

Campaigning is in full swing and any and all comments, votes, and discussions by incumbents are veiled in campaign promises, so know that going in. You need to be prepared for lies, half truths and falsehoods anything needed to get the liberal left elected again.


Find fiscal conservatives; get their words in print and on video, and then tell them you’ll hold them accountable. Then work your tail off to support them. This crisis was happening prior to the last election, yet only now it’s becoming an emergency. What is wrong with these people?


Board of County Commissioners: The draft budget is here and according to the Board of County Commissioners, it's only a starting point. They want to hear from all citizens. Take the time to look at the budget and make cost cutting suggestions along with possible solutions. This is your money, and you need to voice your opinion.


FY 2011 Summary of the Recommended Operating Budget


Budget & BOCC Power Point slides from April 6, 2010


Note that the departments that are the best stewards of our money get the biggest cuts; those that I feel waste and abuse the use of our money got cut the least.


The Board of Education spends more money than all of the rest of the county agencies and they have continually refused to partner, or share the burden even though they are the first to claim they do. This is not true. Those guiding the entire public education system in Frederick County are lying to you.


This is the email address for the Board of County Commissioners, send them your suggestions:


These are the email addresses for the members of Board of Education. Send them your suggestions. Demand answers, not just lip service:


Please share your responses or lack of with me and I will see that they are posted.


Just one example:


Frederick County Public School (FCPS) – approximately 1% cut; Frederick Community College (FCC) – to approximately 17% cut.


Seeing any equity   ...........  not so much?


How much money does the college spend getting students up to speed; and how much do students spend taking courses to get up to speed because they graduated from our public school system lacking certain skills. (Those dollars should be removed from the school board’s budget right off the top)


There will be more time and space to discuss the county budget, but I want to start you thinking about the most obvious.


Quickly and very superficially I want to bring to your attention the money our state is stealing from you to fund illegal immigration practices.


The majority party, along with Frederick Delegates Galen Clagett and Sue Hecht, has voted to give Casa de Maryland more money. For those that don’t realize it, the state is giving this money to a private organization that teaches, protects and promotes those in this country illegally to work the system, avoiding the police and then, once arrested for breaking even more laws, they work the human rights angle as if it’s all our fault, going from criminal to victim. It’s truly amazing the open and brazen law breaking that is allowed and paid for by our tax money.


Below are a couple delegates’ comments from their face book pages about the House vote to ‘give’ Casa $200,000. I would venture to say the House broke every rule and law there is by doing this. You can bet your governor will pat them on the back for passing it, and then make a public spectacle of himself when presenting the money to Casa. Nothing like rubbing it in the faces of taxpayers. He’s so proud of himself for stealing your money and giving it to those who break our laws.


Delegate Charles Jenkins: “Part of what is wrong with Annapolis, in my opinion. The House just affirmed, by vote, to approve $200K for Casa de Maryland in the capital budget. Brings to about $2M this organization, which broadly supports illegal immigration, has received from the majority party in Annapolis. Sadly, Delegates Clagett and Hecht voted to affirm the $200K for Casa de Maryland.”


Delegate Gail Bates: “Floor debate on the State Capital Budget. This budget increases our State debt by more than $1 billion. This is an increase of $150 million so that the governor could use bond money to allow greater spending in the operating budget. We are reaching our debt capacity, forcing either reductions in the future or revenue increases.”


. . . . .’til next time . . .


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