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March 25, 2010

There are solutions!

Joan Marie Aquilino

What is the real definition of the word budget? Is it to decide what government wants and then find the money or tax to pay for it? Or is it to figure out exactly what government needs to do for basic services and then find the money to cover that.


I think if we are to survive and thrive we must do the latter, we must cover the cost of what is extremely needed for life and safety. Which also means some very worthy and wanted things will go by the wayside for this year and possibly many years to come. The discomfort will be felt by all.


Unless the county, state and federal governments get their acts together and focuses on the budget, or rather lack thereof, all else is for naught. I know it must seem so simplistic, but it is just that, painful yes but, simple.


You make a priority list of extreme need, not wants, and you fund accordingly. If we can't control spending, how in the world do you expect to control anything else? The taxpayer is the government’s credit card. If it wants something, it charges it to us, and then default on payments and we pay and pay and pay. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to tell banks and credit card companies you ran out of money and to up your limits with no penalty and no payback?


The fix will never come from the top down. History has already proven that time and again. We need to do it the other way. History has also shown that is how it always happens, from the bottom up, from the everyday citizen. As much as I hate the arrogance of this latest shove-it-down-our-throats-health-insurance mandate, I’m secretly happy it happened. I’m hoping this will be the final straw that broke the majorities back and we stand up and revolt.


All this talk about going “green” should start with what is green already – money. Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce Wasteful Government. Remember the story about hiring help: hire one, you get the work of three; hire two you get the work of one; and hire three you get no work.


Same goes for money. If you have $10, you’ll make it spend like $30 because you know it’s precious and you have to make it last. If you have $100, you’ll spend it like $50 because you aren’t use to having that much and you waste. But if you have $1,000, you’ll make it work like $250 because you’ll develop the attitude that there’s always more where that came from. Multiply that by millions, billions, and now trillions, and the waste just boggles the mind. The more you have, the more you waste.


Give the money back to the taxpayers. Cut their taxes. None of this will happen overnight. It has taken decades to get bad enough that the public will rise up in defiance and disgust. You can whine and be lead around by the ring in your nose, or you can stand up and demand accountability.


Burying our heads in the sand will accomplish nothing. We are all responsible for our own corner of the world, and if we don't do something we are then part of the problem and have little room to speak or complain.


I'm 100% confident I could walk into the county offices right this moment and see places for cuts. I'm equally sure you could walk into my home and with a very cursory look find ways I can cut. Anyone, that knows me well, knows I live bare bones, but there is always waste. If you want to go Green, then start with what is already green, our money!


It's also human nature not to want to see cuts made on things that directly affect us. We are adults and, for the good of the all, we individuals must be willing to make sacrifices. If not, guess what, you'll be screwed and end up losing it all in the end.


Think about those H1N1 shots you ran to get. Now who in their right mind wants to be stuck by a needle? But we knew that little stick would save us from much worse later. No pain! No Gain! rings so very true.


With this latest fiasco of health insurance mandates, it isn't health care. It's all about insurance and more government mandates and a take over by government. We are going to see many small businesses shrink and evaporate because they are being forced out of business with taxes and mandates. One more brick wall placed to stop business from growing. One more step against small business and more steps towards mega-government, one ruler. Sound familiar? Are you afraid yet?


Keep in mind my favorite quote: Every Action has a Consequence. We are now living with the consequence of choices made in this last election. Stop whining about what is, what was, who did what, and if you don’t like what is happening NOW step up and do something about it. Lead, follow or gitoutdaway.


 . . .’til next time . . . .


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