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March 23, 2010

Variety Show

Roy Meachum

John “Lennie” Thompson probably got it wrong again! As usual. He may have thought his motion for Frederick County to secede from the state has historical precedence. Legendary Jones County did not withdraw from Mississippi during the Civil War. Never happened. The phrase, “The Free State of Jones,” was casually tossed around way before what my ancestors called “The War for Southern Independence.”


The commissioner’s formal request to the other board members to withdraw Frederick County into its own political enclave fell on its own sterility. Not the first time Mr. Thompson came up with an impotent idea; this one would not have survived to last week’s hearing without Commissioner David Gray’s seconding. And I agree.


Let the state, the nation and the entire world know the ludicrous atmosphere the gentleman from Walkersville has long imposed on the county board’s agenda. In the end, Mr. Gray voted against the motion he co-sponsored. The newest and probably youngest commissioner noted in passing the board has more serious problems to deal with.


In another context, Blaine Young allowed as how he wields only one vote and four other commissioners must have their say.


As published in this space, I devoutly hope – for all the radical ideas he spouts – that he does not run for election. I sincerely believe he serves a higher purpose in his role as a radio rightwing ombudsman. In my experience he has never met a liberal thought that he has not turned up his nose at. (As many readers know, I’m a product of New Orleans where it’s customary to ask the question: Who dat?)


I’m for free venting of all views; it’s called for under the Constitution. Goodness knows. The number of people who have tried to shove a sock down my throat would have succeeded without our Founding Fathers’ proclamation in the Bill of Rights.


Mr. Thompson and Mr. Young shape up as bookends for the current board: Lennie on the chaotic wing and Blaine on the Tea Party agenda. I’m not sure that’s fair to the young man I’ve known most of his life. He has much more to offer than any public manifest. And that’s why I say, as forcefully as I can, his voice should not be limited to Winchester Hall.


Having lived for years with the Federal Communications Commission, I think he has gone much further than The Washington Post lawyers would let us go in broadcasting back then. I was once an executive of Post-Newsweek Stations. As long as WFMD’s attorneys say he’s on legally safe grounds, it’s Jake with me.


Furthermore, I consider a total waste of time the so-called “citizens” movement to bump him off the air. Instead of citizens, you might want to name the politicians who consider Blaine Young as a threat to their burgeoning careers. And they’re right.


Behind the Letters to the Editor lurk people who have their own agenda for lessening the radio show host’s impact.


In John L. Thompson we see a great example of how long tenure can stultify brains.


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