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As Long as We Remember...

March 19, 2010

The Emperorís New Clothes

Joe Charlebois

If you’ll recollect, the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” is the story centered on two suit makers or weavers, the Emperor, his court, the royal subjects and an innocent child, who eventually points out how the weavers swindled the Emperor by producing a “suit” made of invisible thread.


Even if Andersen’s story is a fairy tale, we can see it in our modern everyday lives.


The weaver’s of today have woven a suit for the American people that does not fit the needs and wants of the people. Much like the suit in the story, the clothing that is the current healthcare proposal is a swindle of epic proportions. This is nothing more than a handful of elitist legislators doing what they think is best for the American people.


Yes, the legislation is real, but this is more about governmental control than anything else. It is being unethically pushed through procedural means because it won’t pass any other way.


Even though proponents have cloaked this legislation in the guise of humanitarian necessity – as Ronald Reagan predicted in 1961,* the people have not been convinced that governmental control is necessary to providing more people healthcare.


The innocent child of today’s story is the American electorate. They can see that the suit does not exist. They know they are being taken.


But in this version, the child of today has had his tongue cut out. His protestations to the emperor regarding the swindle, despite being loud, have been dismissed as non-sensical, crazy talk.


Lately the weavers (proponents of the current healthcare proposal) have portrayed the American electorate as “proles” unable to understand the complexities of the bill. Just ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., CA). This past week the Speaker was so bold as to state: “But we have to pass the healthcare bill, so that you can find out what is in it.” How the greatest Congress in the world is minimized to dictatorial status is incomprehensible.


This is possibly the greatest and overarching piece of legislation to ever be this close to passing (based on the economic impact) and we don’t know what is contained within. How is it is in our best interest to have Congress pass this legislation? Especially when one legislative chamber will “pass” it without a vote!


The House of Representatives, more correctly the Speaker and the Rules Committee chairman have proposed accepting the Senate version of the bill without a vote from any member of the House. They instead would vote on a rules bill that included the Senate version as passed.


The Landmark Legal Foundation is prepared for the attempted “slaughter” of the Constitution with the likely use of the “Slaughter Rule.” This would allow the House of Representatives to “pass” the Senate bill on a procedural vote of House Rules. This is clearly unconstitutional and Speaker Pelosi even filed an amicus brief in 2005 against the “Self Executing Rule” when a similar attempt was made then.


Why the change of heart? Making history doesn’t come around too often; this may be the Speaker’s last hurrah if she doesn’t get this passed no matter the constitutionality or precedent set.


We were warned nearly 50 years ago that this is how the elite would attempt to socialize an ever growing portion of our economy, let’s hope that our legislators listen to the American people and not those political elites who know what’s best for us.


The child has spoken, will he be heard? “The Emperor has no clothes.”


*Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine -


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