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As Long as We Remember...

November 1, 2002

The Democrat’s Scorched Earth Policy

Lee Marshall

It seems every day the mailman brings yet another vicious Democratic Party political missive. The "ins," who are on shaky ground, attack Republican candidates with such vile to make one wonder if Democrats are selling their souls to the devil just for the power of political office. The dignity of public service apparently no longer exists.

Admittedly, some of the local Dems are playing it straight, but the barrage of missives on the District 3 senatorial race are anything but on the up and up. Sen. Alex X. Mooney (R., 3rd) has been nuked almost daily by mailings from Friends of Sue Hecht and some group called Maryland Democratic Senatorial Committee (S. Hamilton Chaney, Treasurer) out of Annapolis.

God grant us relief from these slings and arrows when the voters have their say on Tuesday!

The poster child of "slash and burn" politics is James Carville, the unceasing apologist for former President Bill Clinton, whose moral and ethical hijinks eclipse even the most unscrupulous politicians in history. Mr. Carville was part of a team that makes former President Richard Nixon’s "dirty tricks" crew appear to have been rank amateurs. Outright lies, outrageous deception and shouting down are hallmarks of the Carville School of Political Campaigning. Maryland’s Democrats are proving to be honor graduates of that university.

We’ve heard Republican candidates characterized as Nazi’s. GOP candidates are accused of hating women, children, old folks, young folks, ethnic groups, and of wanting wholesale, uncontrolled gun sales. You name the group and the Dems have found a way to point accusing fingers.

Sen. Mooney has not let the personal attacks deter his hard work in the hustings. However, the attack dogs have finally gone too far when the senator was accused of insensitivity toward victims of abuse, and his mother must hold a press conference to bare their personal experience with spousal abuse.

Senator Mooney’s wife tried to head off the attack that he voted to allow wife beaters to own guns. We listened to Mrs. Mooney’s recorded message and had to feel a sense of shame that the Dems resorted to such barnyard tactics. That is a ridiculous charge, but here’s hoping enough voters see through the cloud.

We thought Del. Sue Hecht had a higher ethical standard than she has shown. She even signed the "civility pledge," which apparently means nothing. Sweet Sue, who is salivating for Mr. Mooney’s senate seat in District 3, insists she is herself the victim of dirty tricks, but the mail tells a different tale. Mr. Mooney’s votes against the outrageous state budgets of the past four years are being spun for every morsel of vitriol.

The voters may exhibit a backlash to the scorched earth policy of Delegate Hecht, Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend and the Maryland Democrats, who still cannot explain:

(1) How the Glendening administration, with Sweet Sue’s vote, spent every penny of the state’s huge surplus;

(2) Why the administration pushed for a budget with at least an $800 million shortfall in 2003 and got Sweet Sue’s vote;

(3) Why the administration twiddled their thumbs knowing the 2003 shortfall would grow to nearly $1.7 Billion by 2004, again with Sweet Sue’s vote;

(4) How their policies resulted in a massive drop in state tax revenues;

(5) How they squandered funds preventing Maryland from taking part in the national criminal background check system for prospective gun buyers;

(6) and now with the voters screaming for the death penalty for the accused snipers (John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo), Mr. Glendening and Ms. Townsend are dancing a soft shoe over the political decision to suspend court-ordered death sentences for convicted rapists and murderers.

Regarding the moratorium, Mr. Glendening now doesn’t know what to do and he’s getting an earful from the prosecutors who are hell bent to burn Mr. Muhammad and Mr. Malvo. Federal and Virginia courts may be the only recourse to ensure justice is done in the unconscionable murders of which the two men are accused. The moratorium was solely a political decision hoping it would help with the non-white voters.

It is interesting that the Illinois moratorium and the resultant hearings are being suspended because the victims’ families are putting on a case making a travesty of the race-based political shenanigans.

The above indictment of Glendening-Townsend doesn’t stop there, but the Dems know if Senator Mooney is reelected, it will represent another leak in the powerful Glendening-Townsend, Sen. Mike Miller and Del. Caspar Taylor political machine that has pushed Maryland into the sucking liberal mire.

We certainly believe Alex could have had a better showing in his first stint in Annapolis, but overall he made good on his promises. He couldn’t be bought. The next four years, we hope, could see a new and improved Alex and a Republican governor would give him the opportunity to do well by District 3.

Those fence sitters in the Mooney/Hecht race may make their decision based on the Democratic mailings. They represent a knife that cuts both ways.

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