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March 5, 2010

Assault on Religion

Joe Charlebois

As secularists worldwide continue their battle against religion, their successes may or may not have an absolute effect on our First Amendment.


Currently in the United States five states and the District of Columbia have legalized “gay” marriage. Forty-five states currently don’t recognize this institution. States that hold this view and the people that believe in traditional marriage are portrayed as bigots and hate-filled individuals even though they hold the majority opinion in the United States.


In the United Kingdom where gay marriage has not been legalized – but civil unions have since 2005 – there is currently legislation before the House of Commons to lift the current ban on religious venues for civil union signings. What this in essence does is – through the force of law – force clergy to recognize this institution in their place of worship or face charges of discrimination.


The unintended – or intended – consequence of forcing religious institutions to bend to the will of the secularists is alarming. The Roman Catholic Church in England over the past decade has shut down their adoption agencies rather than be charged with discrimination by not allowing gay couples to adopt. The fact that organizations that for years have benefitted society with charitable works are now under fire for not being accepting of non-traditional unions is outrageous.


Society sets the norms for a culture and as the secularists attempt to redefine those norms, it is traditional Christian morality that is on the losing end.


The impact for the religious organizations that hold a strict view of homosexuality, civil unions and gay marriages is profound – even in the United States.


In San Francisco, the Board of Supervisor for the city and county passed a unanimous resolution in 2008 in response to the Catholic Church’s ban on adoption into same-sex couple’s households. The view of the Catholic Church was called hateful, discriminatory, insulting, callous and ignorant. The statement is an outright attack on religion. It in essence treats Catholics as secondary citizens unworthy of their views and counter to all that is American.


This past February, Investor’s Business Daily points out that the Obama Administration will withhold funds based on a religious institution’s hiring practices. Religious organizations that provide services with taxpayer money are being held hostage to the secular view of the federal government. They must toe the line or find other streams of revenue to run their social programs.


This is clearly an affront to the First Amendment.


The one saving grace for citizens of the United States is that we are 50 autonomous states, a republic and change comes slower here than in other countries.


What the future holds for our religious institutions no one knows, but one thing is certain, the secularists have the goal of demonizing and destroying the institutions that hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values.


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