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February 25, 2010

Baltimore City Turns Conservative

Chris Cavey

Even on the toughest streets of Baltimore City the blanket of snow, which buried the city, seemed to make it appear clean and pure. The police department reported that the heavy snowfall caused crime to decrease and it simultaneously taught the citizens of Baltimore a lesson on economics – conservatism.


Conservatism is the practice of preservation, the need for traditionalism, the law of order and maintaining values. The dumping of record breaking snow in to a city known for liberal voting patterns caused people to return to conservative values and my proof is: Chairs in the Snow.


All over the city people shoveled out vehicles. They worked hard to regain a possession, their presumptive parking space on their street. In most communities people park in the same spaces consistently; although they do not hold title to the space, it is an understood tradition.


These new conservatives, however, put themselves in harm’s way by breaking the law in reserving a space on the public street with a chair in the snow. They did not wish others to gain from the fruit of their hard labor. They wanted to preserve in that which they had invested sweat equity and what their tradition demanded. Those who worked hard reclaimed what the snow had taken.


Interesting how everyone wants to hold to tradition and to hold onto what they have earned. Just like our forefathers, they even stood willing to defend their values even to the point of breaking the law. Wow!


This entire concept of “City Conservatives” was explained to me by a friend. It was his original thought, not mind.  I pondered, however, what this really meant on a practical basis.


Those who have little, have little to conserve. It doesn’t matter where they live. You cannot live under the concept of conservatism unless you have worked hard for something and you see that it might disappear or be taken from you.


People who are unfortunate enough to be on the hand out/help out side of government policy perhaps do not always understand the value of sweat equity while on government support. They take it for granted and become addicted to the service. It is comforting to know that deep inside, the values of preservation are alive and well.


Our system of outreach to the less fortunate is broken. We have enslaved citizens to government and its give-away programs. It has changed the thought pattern and nature of those on the receiving end. A problem we face is due to liberal agendas and liberal political leaders.


The blizzard conditions proved several good inherent qualities about most people involved. Everyone wanted to help their neighbor. Gangs of citizens shoveled entire streets. Walks were cleaned for the elderly.  Neighbors looked in on neighbors. Traditions of good citizenship and family values were everywhere.


Shoveling was unpaid labor and people were proud of the fruits of their labors. Stories were recounted about how hard people worked and how sore they became afterward over many kitchen tables and corner bars. People felt good about their labor and could see the fruit of their efforts.


Society needs to learn from the double blizzard of 2010. We now know even those whose voting patterns tend to be as liberal as possible understand conservative principles – tradition, family and preservation of property.


It will be our job to remind them of the lessons they learned when they march to the ballot box this November.


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