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As Long as We Remember...

October 31, 2002

The Power of Knowledge

Linda & Tony Checchia

Endorsements, in our opinion, are sometimes not worth the paper they are printed on. Our editor has suggested that we offer an endorsement for one (or more) candidate(s), should we see fit to do so, as we approach Election Day.

Rather than offer our endorsement of a candidate, since we maintain that voting is a very private and subjective privilege, we would like to share some personal insights with you as to why Rick Weldon is the best qualified candidate for District 3B ( in his race for delegate against newcomer Lisa Baugher.

We do not currently reside in that district, but our roots are grounded there. Members of our family reside in the district's center and our connection to the Adamstown area transcends nearly three decades. We maintain that the district is a vital component of Frederick County and what happens in one part of the county affects the whole. Rick Weldon's experience, knowledge and credentials speak volumes:

Ms. Baugher's record, on the other hand, is one characterized by her fight against the Duke power plant. That's her claim to fame. On that point, she has shown a rather confrontational and abrasive personality, understandably so. We wonder where Ms. Baugher's activism would have been if the power plant's location was proposed for Weaverton and not her backyard. District 3B, however, is more than a one-issue district and Ms. Baugher has no record beyond her activism against the power plant's location.

While she has waged an admirable battle, it is hardly enough to enable one to know whether or not she is qualified to tackle the many complex issues and challenges facing the district. In addition, there are many indications that her claim of defeating the power plant is not only optimistic, but also perhaps naive and even a bit misleading. In short, the fat lady has not sung on that issue. In other words, the issue is currently on hold and has not gone away.

Simply ask yourself this question: If you needed an attorney, would you hire an intern or a proven, skilled and respected lawyer? Or, if you needed to have your car repaired, would you take it to someone who would need the assistance of manuals or someone who could write the manual?

The choice in the 3B race is obvious: Rick Weldon.

Rick possesses the knowledge to be a powerhouse of action for positive results for District 3B. All Ms. Baugher can do is puff about a power plant, which may or may not blow away.

If you care about the future of the entire district, not just what may or may not happen near a Tuscarora farmette (Baugher's home), vote for unselfish leadership. Vote Rick Weldon.

If you want to take advantage of all the resources available to the entire district and not speculate on someone needing a learning curve, vote for the best-qualified, best trained, most experienced, proven consensus builder. Vote Rick Weldon.

If you want to give someone a chance to prove what they "think they can" do based upon a track record of incomplete results and campaign promises…then vote for Lisa Baugher - the self proclaimed "fresh voice."

The district deserves more than that.

Climb aboard the Weldon "Common Sense" Express fueled with the power of knowledge and vote Rick Weldon, Delegate for District 3B, the real voice for the people.

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