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As Long as We Remember...

October 30, 2002

Vote Franklin for House of Delegates

Mike Kuster

Voters in District 4A should consider Dick Franklin as a viable alternative to Bartlett politics. As a former FFA member, 4-H King, and farm boy, I can pick the man who will best represent my values and interests. Iím casting my ballot for a man based on his honesty, integrity, and fit with the district.

This year, Dick Franklin offers 4A the opportunity to elect a good person to office. He exemplifies the qualities people in our county respect. Dick is a down-to-earth, hard working, man of character.

If you havenít met him, this will serve as a brief introduction to someone for whom you should vote.

Dick and his wife Joann live outside of Middletown. Dick is a veteran agriculture teacher. Heís about to retire after years of molding young minds and commuting up and down I-270. On the side, Dick owns and operates Digger Dickís, a landscaping company. During the growing season, itís hard to find this man not up to his ears in dirt.

As an agriculture teacher, an FFA advisor, a 4-H volunteer, Dick Franklin knows the issues facing District 4A. His roles as a teacher and volunteer reflect his dedication to improving his community and the lives of young people.

Voters look for a person who can relate to their experiences. Voters in 4A work hard, both on the land and off the land.

Dick works two jobs. He commutes on our congested highways, and works for everything he has. He knows what the rest of us live with on a daily basis.

On the other hand, Joe Bartlett is the son of a wealthy politician who expects to inherit a place in politics. Joe Bartlett does not have to work for his home, his car, or his family. He does not know how the rest of us live. How can he?

When the state was re-drawing district lines, Joe Bartlett considered moving to avoid a race against Louise Snodgrass and Paul Stull. Most of us would consider buying and selling our home too much work to run for office. Ah, but a Bartlett simply moves to another home owned by the family. It must be nice.

Joe Bartlettís exposure to agriculture lies in his fatherís pitiful excuse of a farm in Lime Kiln. He has no idea what farmers are facing. He has no idea what its like to work a full-time job and return home to work the farm or another business.

The distinction is clear. Voters can choose someone like them or someone foreign to their way of life.

Iíll vote for:

An FFA Advisor

An Agriculture Teacher

A 4-H Volunteer

A Small-Business Owner

A Father

A Husband

An Honest Man

Dick Franklin is the clear choice for voters in 4A.

(Editorís Note: Mr. Kuster was elected to a seat on the Democratic State Central Committee in the September Primary Election.)

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