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As Long as We Remember...

February 16, 2010

A Tough Row to Hoe…

Nick Diaz

Adam Avery, host of “Senior Talk Radio,” a weekly show that airs on WFMD at noon on Saturdays, is one of those people who is constantly questioning, prodding, inquiring, as to the “why” of things. A few days ago, he observed that Fox News commentator Juan Williams, a moderate black person, must be under intense pressure by his peers to tow the left-wing Democratic Party line.


I have also noticed that Mr. Williams does adhere to some positions that are critical of the Obama administration. When questioned and challenged by other commentators, Mr. Williams clearly balks, hems, and haws. It’s obvious that Mr. Williams would like to be more outspoken when criticizing the administration’s and Democratic Party’s policies on national security, health care, and other issues.


I've been thinking for a long time about why some groups, like Jews, blacks, and non-Cuban Hispanics, continue to favor the Democratic Party and its far left-wing politics and policies.


It seems that being a middle-of-the-road black person in the media – or in politics – is a dangerous thing, which is why Juan Williams is threading a very carefully crafted, balanced course. If he says what I’m convinced he means – which is obviously that President Obama is basically incompetent, and hoodwinked millions of people into voting for him – he’ll be ostracized by other blacks and called Oreo, etc., and never invited again to any Washington lah-dih-dah parties.


It seems obvious that many blacks in the USA carry a residual anger against whites and against America as a result of centuries of slavery and racism. They, therefore, vote for the party most associated with policies (such as affirmative action) ostensibly designed to fight racism (meaning, always, white racism), and which frequently condemns alleged ongoing white racism. Also, blacks vote against the party – the GOP – they perceive as denying that America continues to be racist, the party that opposes race-based policies, and the party that celebrates America as if it isn't a racist country.


The problem with these memories is not that they are inaccurate; it is that they are no longer accurate. And they therefore paralyze black voters and keep them from moving on.


The fact is that most white Americans have changed; most are no longer a bunch of racists. Regarding race, most white Americans would probably like nothing more than to forget about race, as they no longer deem either their own whiteness, or blacks' blackness, to be of particular significance.


This is almost impossible for many of them to believe. They ask, in effect, "Are we blacks really supposed to believe that in the course of one generation an entire mindset – that of white racial superiority – has simply disappeared?"


The answer is largely – though, of course, not universally – YES, dammit! One reason is that most Americans are decent people. Another is the non-racist education they have received. A third is the unprecedented personal and media exposure to blacks that this generation of whites has received. A fourth reason is that, in order to believe that skin color determines a person's traits or worth, you have to be not only evil, you have to be a total ignoramus; and regarding race, most Americans are no longer ignoramuses. They know too many wonderful people of all races. You do, and I do, and practically all our friends and relatives do.


The result of all these misperceptions on the part of blacks is that the Democratic Party understands that, in order to maintain its overwhelming black support, it must abet black anger at whites and conservatives. And this they do well, to the great detriment of the country.


A generation of blacks has been repeatedly told by its leaders, by left-wing educators and media, and by the Democratic Party hacks, that white America is basically racist. They have also been told that the only way out of the social problems that plague parts of black life is through the Democratic Party.


What should conservatives and Republicans do? In my opinion, not much. We can listen and exchange ideas, while insisting that we want them to join us in the pursuit of freedom in the USA, a freedom that is unlikely to flourish under the present Obama Administration. Problem is, will they listen? Frankly, I don't think so.


Same with non-Cuban Hispanics. Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans, and Nicaraguans have been convinced by left-wing “leaders” that their future lies in the left-wing politics and policies of the Democratic Party. What can we do? Not much. Change for them has to come from within.


Pandering to typically Democratic blocs like Jews, blacks, and non-Cuban Hispanics is wrong. Conservatives must stay the course, remain open to the great American dream of equality of opportunity for all, and let people decide for themselves what policies are best.


I feel sorry for black moderates like Juan Williams. They can't be true to themselves, because "their people" won't allow them to think for themselves and change course. On the other hand, I know of Cuban exiles and their progeny who are left-wingers – in this country they're free to be whatever the hell they want to be. That's the American way.


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