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February 16, 2010

Commissioner “Jerk” Thompson

Roy Meachum

Certainly next December will end the political career of John Leonard Thompson. God willing! Acting the jerk consistently, the commissioner tarnishes consistently Frederick County’s good name; fortunately other officials act to clean up his messes.


State Sen. David Brinkley (R., Frederick/Carroll) and Del. Galen Clagett (d., Frederick) dropped into the Maryland General Assembly processing machinery a valiant effort to right “Lennie’s” latest wrong; the gentlemen legislators co-authored and co-sponsored a bill that would extend to municipalities’ annexations the vital necessity of sewer facilities.


In a series of hissy-fits to prevent Frederick City and other communities from absorbing properties that ask for annexation, Mr. Thompson has exhibited there’s no limit to his pettiness. Local aldermen’s agreement to areas’ request to be absorbed was met with his snarling insistence that properties’ residents agree by voting. Heaven alone knows how much those tiny elections cost taxpayers?


Of course, the wizard from Walkersville lost. He and his board cohorts looped the moon. There’s no indication Mr. Thompson’s feet ever reached earth. The first pop out of his political box sought to deny sewers to the new city denizens.


Senator Brinkley told the News-Post’s Meg Tully: “The whole concept of smart growth is to cluster any growth you are going to get to the communities. And the way the county’s trying to go about it is just to short-circuit any growth that’s where it should go.”


The way he and Mr. Clagett see it, Winchester Hall has overstepped its powers and authority. The paper’s reporter quoted the delegate: “The bottom line is that both these things, the municipalities and the county, are creatures of the state.”


Lennie argues back that the proposed bill ignores the state constitution. Furthermore, he seeks to credit the measure to Mr. Clagett’s former legislative assistant; Carol Krimm was elected in November to Frederick’s Board of Aldermen.


The delegate dismissed Mr. Thompson’s innuendo and allegations: “The people down here (Annapolis) who write bills are lawyers. When we did the research on this, I had a group of attorneys do the research and everyone thinks it’s OK.”


Moreover, Lennie is well-known for puncturing protocol when it suits his purpose, “many a time and oft.” He’s notorious for ignoring the law unless it agrees with his particular passion; and the commissioner can be very passionate in constant appeals to hold on to his childhood’s impressions of the county he grew up in.


Given the frequent hints that he might remove himself from Winchester Hall in order to seek Mr. Brinkley’s Senate seat, Mr. Thompson’s few shots at the New Market resident were curious. In Ms. Tully’s article, most of his bombast aims for Mr. Clagett and his legislation:


“This is a knee-jerk reaction,” Lennie is quoted. “This is another instance where (the delegate’s) pandering to municipal leaders.”


Certainly, the “municipal leaders” – for that remark alone – received just cause for rallying their supporters against John L. Thompson’s continuance in public life. And that includes his hinted-at run to unseat David Brinkley.


Longtime readers will be less than startled to hear I consider Commissioner Lennie as an abomination in this county’ public life. He’s more than earned plucking out: total removal from the board.


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