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February 15, 2010

Brain-dead Government

Steven R. Berryman

In one of nature’s oddest ironies, the human brain is devoid of pain sensors. The organ charged by the body to manage and regulate all of its internal activity – including the thought processes believed to create self-awareness and intelligence itself – cannot “feel.”


In fact, it is possible to conduct brain surgery without general anesthesia at all, and this has been performed many times.


We know now, innately trusting our “common sense test” that a directly analogous relationship also exists between our enormous central federalized government and the body of citizens it seeks to govern.


The monster never stops the seeking, and controlling one element of life after another, and this chain has been leading to controlling related elements, and so on and so on, like the Breck hair product ads.


Our bloated bureaucracy lives to live, instead of self-managing to serve; it’s easily out of control of itself now. Hence the rise of citizen frustration, anger, and new opposition groups that may supplant our old two-party system that has been a willing participant.


I see solutions only in the grassroots and local and state systems now. Forget who got to the rhetoric first. Principle over party is easy to monitor. Just watch. Do they do what they said they would do? Again, this common sense test is owned by the people.


We know this because the Frankenstein of all governments, located inside the Beltway in Washington has grown weary of listening to the citizens themselves, has become insular and self-protecting, and views any negative feedback as dissention.


This did not start with the Democrats by themselves. Nor did it start with Republicans alone. In fact, all of the major platforms of these two main political parties have flip-flopped over the years, simply in order to do battle more conveniently with each other.


As recently as 2001, under President George W. Bush, and in reaction to the 9/11 attacks, an executive level direction sought to create a cabinet level body essentially to become The Department of Propaganda and Disinformation. The excuse had been to enhance our national security against our enemies.


Another proposal sought to enlist workers with access to homes, or with special visibility as a function of their jobs, to spy domestically on all citizens. This effort would have included the man coming into your home to read a meter, the postman, and truck drivers.


These two attempts at limitations to your personal freedoms were defeated as unwise; but do not forget that they occurred during the era where similar excuses actually worked, and were concocted to propel other untoward and unjustified acts, such as the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Our government rolled through at least four series of rationale in sequence to jam that one on the people, simply because they could.


That the ends justify the means seems to be the mantra of our leadership now, regardless of the particular party taking turns at power.


Republicans took such a black eye under Bush due to the above in combination with his weak communication skills, that literally anyone could have beaten him in 2008.


And in fact, “anyone” did beat him. A nobody, with no record of business accomplishment, nor having made any mark on a brief Senate stint, won America over on false promises and the lure of “hope.” This, of course is Barack Obama, the great talker who spent his entire first year in office pushing partisan healthcare legislation and overhaul instead of what we so desperately needed, help with real sustainable private sector jobs, and unemployment, and support for small business.


Surely both “brands” in our two-party system have become tarnished and incredible. We are at a crossroad now.


We the People have pushed back, as our Constitution entitles us to do, against what is devolving into a tyranny of self-delusion in government and perversion of process.


Local TEA leader Joshua Lyons proclaims on his radio show “The Forgotten Men” that tea really stands for TYRANNY EXISTS ALREADY.


Town Hall-style meetings were conducted and ignored. Whatever became of that? What also became of a federal response to the famous TEA Party protests over abuse of power in spending authority?


Why have Democrats and Republicans alike ignored the “back to the Constitution” movements, populating everywhere, only to be fully embraced by those new to our process, the disenfranchised independents, unaffiliated citizens, and those voting principle?


So, now we argue annexations. We consider building administrative offices for schools versus elimination of temporary classroom trailers. We seek out funding – really financed by China – for compensation expenditures on snow removal efforts. Where is the focus on our overarching problems by our elected leaders?


Who is pushing for a return to state sovereignty? Who wants a government small enough to feel, responding to citizen concerns, and seeking oversight on the lowest possible echelon? Who seeks to match spending to the Constitutional mandates? Where is the champion of the Tenth Amendment now?


At the Maryland General Assembly meeting of February 17th we shall see. Hope you can be there.


And don’t forget: Cut the head of a chicken off, and it may run around for a while, not knowing of its demise. But somehow its body always eventually figures it out.


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