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February 9, 2010

What a hometown….

Farrell Keough

Why is it that when it is cold out, people want a nice cool drink after working outside – but when it is hot out, they don’t want a warm drink after working outside?


There are many political issues facing us right now, but on occasion, it is good to just sit back and consider our daily lives and the good things that occur in tough times.


Some of you may know I recently had double hernia surgery. I actually planned this surgery so that it would not affect my golf time – even if my game is two levels below how poor Bob Hope used to speak about his game.


Sounds like a good plan right? Deal with the surgery and recuperation when you can’t get out on the links anyway. Well, as the saying goes, the ‘best-laid plans of mice and men oft(en) go astray.’* As with all good idioms, this too played out with a poor result.


In short, I could not use the snow blower, nor could I shovel the walkways and steps.


Well, when the first few inches hit, my lovely wife, (She Who Must Be Obeyed) hiked up her ‘big girl panties’ and cleaned off the walkways – amazing woman she is! A neighbor came over with his uber-snow blower and cleared the driveway. That thing has so much power, he probably could have done all the streets, too!


But, of course, that was just the beginning. It just kept on snowing.


I made a fortunate purchase some years ago and bought a pretty good snow blower from a neighbor who moved to Florida. I have used it to help other neighbors as well as loaned it so they could do their own cleaning. I figured heck, I’m already out here, why not give a little extra?


Little did I know that would pay off in spades! Not only did I have a plethora of neighbors come by to help, but one of them kept the snow blower in his garage to loan to others! You may be asking yourself, why would he need to keep it in his garage? Well, to top off the difficulties, our garage door broke! It was the main spring, so the door was very heavy to lift. Wouldn’t you know it – exactly the wrong thing to have happen after such surgery!


But really, you have to laugh. You see this additional situation added to the amazing reactions of the people of Frederick County that I got to see firsthand! I called our garage door repairman**, and told him we were fine, but when the roads clear, we need him to come out for a repair. First thing Sunday morning, he was knocking at our door! What a great county to live in and what amazing businesses we have in this area!


Well, long story short, the snow kept coming – and so did the help! With all the negative stories we hear in today’s news, how great is it to know we have friends and neighbors who are willing to step up and give of themselves freely! God is certainly smiling on Frederick County!




* ‘To a mouse,’ poem by Robert Burns

** The company was A-1 Door Company and the man was named Phil.  Although this is a shameless promotion of a regular business person, I get no recompense – I just like promoting good local businesses.


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