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October 28, 2002

The Official Mike Barnes List of Candidate Endorsements

Michael Barnes

For Governor: Spear Lancaster, the Libertarian candidate. This should be a no-brainer to those who have been reading my columns. He is an experienced businessman, committed husband, hard worker and a dedicated Marylander.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is an obvious clone of the past two administrations and will do nothing to help Maryland out of it’s financial woes and would only increase the size and involvement of government in our lives, whether we want it or not.

Congressman Robert Ehrlich is just too conservative for my tastes. He essentially tows the Republican party line, which is more in step with mainstream America than the delusional Democrats, and that is a bit too far to the right for my tastes.

For Congress, District 6: This is a tough one for me, but I have to lean toward the Democrat in the race, Don DeArmon. My only rationales for this are the despicable behavior of Congressman Bartlett and his wife during the primaries, and Mr. Bartlett’s extreme angst/disregard for the homosexual community.

There is nothing intolerant or bigoted in believing that homosexuality is wrong. It’s called having a belief. Anyone who tells you that you are wrong for having those beliefs are themselves being intolerant of diversity.

The fact of the matter is gays are a part of the world. They are people too, not subclasses of humans. Apparently Mr. Bartlett doesn’t understand that simple fact.

For District 3 State Senate: I am very divided by this one. On one hand, I have known Alex Mooney for over 15 years (we graduated from high school together), and like it or not, he has tried to stand in the way of excessive spending and government growth. Unfortunately he was a minority in that cause.

On the other hand, he may have stood in the way of TOO much, costing Frederick County due to the childlike spite of the governor’s office and the Maryland Senate leadership (led by intellectually deprived, poll-driven Democrats, a recurring theme in the past few elections). Because of his inability to "play well with others", and because he has an almost paranoiac fear of homosexuals, I can’t support his election.

Then, there is Sue Hecht. Her heart is in the right place, but unfortunately what her heart desires is not in the best interest of the state. Her ideas for what seem to be an almost socialist state plays well with those who may have failed Social Studies in our failing public schools, but those of us who actually understand the role of government realize that her ideas push the envelope. Because of her and her party’s drive to tax the bejesus out of the citizens of Maryland, and force us ever deeper into a ‘Nanny’ state, I cannot support her election.

Call it a draw. Maybe we could have tag-team senators from District 3. Wait, I live in District 3, maybe I’ll write myself in…

For District 4 State Senate: David Brinkley. ‘Nuff said. He has stood ground with Delegate Don Murphy in trying to get the medical marijuana bill passed. Now that Tim Ferguson is out of the way, 2003 might be the year. He opposed the cigarette tax increase. He is strong on the Second Amendment. He’s neither flashy nor flamboyant and gets along well with members on both sides of the house. He would work well with a Libertarian governor.

For District 3A House: Patrick Hogan and Tim Brooks. They are young. Nothing against older people, but I think new blood is needed in Annapolis. They both seem to have the grasp that taxes, taxes and more taxes won’t solve the money woes of the state. Changes are needed. Programs and pet projects need to be stripped out of the state level; retirement incomes need to be tax-free. These two understand and support those issues.

For District 3B House: I am not too familiar with the two candidates, but after reading the Gazette voter guide, I am leaning toward Rick Weldon basically for his performance since stepping into the role of county commissioner, as well as his answers to the questions posed by the Gazette, such as support for legalized slots.

For District 4A House: Now I know what you all are thinking, I lean toward the Republican side. Yes, I do, but not always. However in this case I throw my non-4A votes to Paul Stull and write-in candidate Louise Snodgrass. Why not "No" Bartlett? Simply because of the actions of his family and his casual dismissal of the actions of his parents directly interfering with the constitutional rights of citizens during the primaries. Such an attitude would also casually dismiss the further erosion of our constitutional rights by expansion of the war on drugs, the war on terror, and so on.

For State’s Attorney: Dino Flores. (See, I don’t always pick the Republican!) While Scott Rolle has the management experience, I feel a more active role in prosecution is needed and if Mr. Flores holds true, we may just see that.

For County Commissioner: Bonnie Bailey-Baker, Mike Cady, John Lovell, Bruce Reeder, and George Smith. All of them seem to have the right priorities, the right attitude about high-tech jobs in the county (the pay for which seriously lags our neighboring counties to the south and east), and none of them are Lennie Thompson or Jan Gardner.

For Board of Education: Bonnie Smith Borsa, Michael Schaden, Jean Smith, and Julie White. None of them believe the BOE should have taxing authority. They have good ideas where to cut waste in the budget, and some like the idea of an all-day kindergarten as well as an early reader program. Reading is probably THE most important thing to learn early on. With proper reading skills, students later on might be able to see through the tripe that historical revisionist have put in current textbooks, as opposed to those who can barely read who are promoted from grade to grade so as not to ‘hurt their feelings’.

There you have it ladies and germs, my picks… er… endorsements for the 2002 Election.

I speak frequently in my columns about rights and responsibilities.

Whether you agree with me or not, it is your right and responsibility to get to the polls on Nov. 5th and cast a ballot. I can not stress that enough. One of the freedoms that our founding fathers fought for is the freedom of the people to decide who leads them. Voting is how we decide that.

Don’t vote, and you forfeit your right to complain and criticize.

If you feel like taking a chance with a third party candidate or a write-in, don’t be frightened by people telling you that you are wasting your vote. The only vote wasted is the vote not cast.

Thank you, and get out the vote!

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