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October 25, 2002

...And The Winner Is....

David 'Kip' Koontz

This week, State Senator Alex Mooney rolled out another sign that reads, "Win with Mooney."

Question is: What do we win with Mooney?

Is an increase of medical expenses for young adults who, if SS had had his way, would have had greater access to tobacco through vending machines a "win?"

Is voting not to penalize speeders in designated school zones - thus putting youngsters in harms way a "win?"

Oh, certainly voting to keep lead paint in schools is a "win," right?

Everyone has to agree, you would think, that not wanting daycare providers to be registered to the state is safe and a great big "win," donít they?

SS voted against a program that would teach state residents and health care workers about the harmful effects of pesticides. Are sick people a "win?"

SS Mooneyís votes indicate that he believes groundwater contamination is a "win."

Curiously, coming from a county where sprawl and growth issues are first and foremost in everyoneís minds, SSís votes clearly indicate that he believes sprawl is a "win."

SS believes that colon cancer is a "win," as indicated by his vote against providing screening in accordance with guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society.

SS believes that allowing anyone having access to your driving records without your consent is a "win."

SS also believes that having your medical record available for public review is a "win," too.

SSís vote against grants to assist non-profit organizations in providing assisted living facilities for seniors shows that a "win" must be uncared for and homeless seniors in need.

SSís vote against the Joseph Fund shows that he considers not assisting those who are the most unfortunate among us is indeed a "win."

Didnít Mr. Scrooge say something about it being time to "decrease the surplus population?"

SSís chain is getting longer by the minute.

SSís votes seem to indicate that hungry school children are a "win" as he voted against providing school breakfasts for students.

SSís votes indicate that putting children at risk is a "win," as he voted against providing after-school programs aimed at helping give kids something to do at a time they are most vulnerable.

SSí votes indicate that a "win" is NOT providing funds to help abused and neglected children, school construction, battered women and rape victims, reducing class size or getting classrooms online.

SSís votes indicate that voting against $1.1 billion to fight crime and provide for police training and safety programs and voting against $17.1 million to assist vulnerable senior adults through care programs are "wins."

SSís votes indicate that while he is supposed to be about "getting tough on criminals" and "against taxes" that he feels that voting against providing property tax credits, against cutting the personal income tax 2% and against calling for more stringent supervision of convicted felons who have been released from jail, are "wins."

SS has provided no jobs, no funding, actually nothing of benefit to his district - yet he believes that is a "win?"

Too bad it isnít carnival season because at least there one can go to the game where you pull the rubber duck from the rotating trough of water and find a number on the bottom.

The number corresponds to a specific prize you win.

At least, with that game you are always a winner.

If SS Mooney had a number on his bottom when you picked it up it would be 0, as with him, one wins nothing at all.

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