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January 25, 2010

Information Overload

Steven R. Berryman

Pity the news and information junkie in making it through the last week. Taken in totality, and in “real time,” one can actually see the earth spinning a little faster on its axis; or, at least, notice changes occurring virtually faster than people can consider the implications.


I will touch on a few of my favorites. In no particular order of magnitude or significance, nor in any priority order:


O’Malley saves jobs in new Maryland State budget


Great headline for his scrapbook, and although this is theoretically a factual statement, a wise letter writer to the Frederick News-Post Sunday reminds us that $389 million is assumed to come to our state, and is explicitly tied to the passage of current healthcare legislation, as stimulus to us through Medicaid.


Is that leadership, planning, or blind hoping?


Obama will still seek to pass landmark healthcare legislation


A fine and dandy thought as a trial balloon, but the conference committee may have some issues to resolve, and as several Democrats signal abandonment of a forced solution, it may hinge on “the nuclear option” in the Senate now – that being a technicality allowing for a 51-vote margin in a Hail Mary pass that would obviate debate, discussion, and “stalling tactics.”


But what would the people say to that?


Scott Brown wins Senate seat in Massachusetts


Republicans were grateful for the win, talking heads are having a field day, and many in the White House are on a 24-hour suicide watch.


Was this a GOP mandate, a referendum on pending healthcare legislation, or the result of a weak Democratic candidate in Martha Coakley, although bountifully funded?


The operative question here is: does this campaign outcome signal a shift in trend nationally toward candidate over party, as the “Ted Kennedy Seat” falls in a Democratic state, and goes to “The People.”


And whose seat was it?


Whose Constitution is it any way?


Some friends of mine have contended that arguing Constitutional issues, in assessing the direst problems in our Gigantor-Government, is too far out of the range of mere citizens to deal with. They had insisted that simply “fiscal restraint” was a much better handle to use.


Well, my activist clique at and columnist Don Kornreich of The Frederick News-Post respectfully disagree.


Mr. Kornreich makes the case in his column that the overreaching and overtaking of our American Citizens could be nullified by taking all invalid legislation, looking forward and back, and assigning each an authorizing Constitutional Amendment.


Is there a connection between a right to tax for the common good, and enforcing mandatory spending by citizens on their own healthcare, with a direct threat of imprisonment under default?


Should the Necessary and Proper Clause, and the Interstate Commerce Clause vacate the intentions of the remainder of our forefathers’ Constitutional intent?


Let’s deal with root causes rather than symptoms, and give the people a little credit here!


Mr. Kornreich’s full column can be found on this link: Health care and the Constitution


First Amendment allows voice for corporations


A portion of The McCain-Feingold Bill was ruled to be in favor of “corporations’ rights” to spend money to advance political opinion. Yes, it does sound vaguely Orwellian!


Surely now FOX News will have the added comfort from the legal department in airing a special on the background and origins of our current president, Barack Obama.


Efforts to show this documentary have been previously fought most bitterly.


As facts will now escape the “You Tube” dungeon of incredibility, many media types will pay for holding their tongues in pre-election passive media bias. The consequences of vetting not done being felt each today now, as national sovereignty is endangered.


Transparency returns to the Frederick County Republican Central Committee


Well, really, it was never gone, as aspects of deliberation are required to occur behind closed doors in “executive session.” This aspect, although painful in appearance, is not unique to this central committee.


This originally surfaced as a complaint during the now famous Jenkins-Hough war for appointment to the open seat for delegate in 3B, this as Rick Weldon now works for Randy McClement, new mayor of Frederick.


It’s the same concern now for the open county commissioner seat as a consequence of the domino effect forced by Washington County’s impact.


Videotaping services were offered – and now accepted by committee Chairman Kelly Schulz – for all candidate interviews, by our current Commissioners. These will be shown ex-post facto, but still carry the added advantage of showing an equivalent process for all applying.


This factor, however, will not keep newly announcing candidate Blaine Young from saying exactly what he means!


40 States now consider Tenth Amendment resolution


Finally, and thanks to State Senator Alex Mooney, as the fresh Maryland General Assembly has been offered a resolution – not legislation – to accept state sovereignty over and above the federal government.


About 40 states are now in one stage or another of doing the same thing in reinforcement of our Tenth Amendment.


Watch to see who signs on as co-sponsor, as this ability is available for senators through an amendment process, even after the fact…should they have their political will win out over ego concerns…’s a start.


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