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As Long as We Remember...

January 19, 2010

Politics, Motorcycles, Basketball and FCC

Nick Diaz

Oh, what fun it is to ride the waves of local and state news these days. There’s never a dull moment. Something will happen.


Let’s start with the resignation of Del. Richard Weldon from his seat in the Maryland House of Delegates last month. Gov. Martin O’Malley, in my opinion, selected the right man, former County Commissioner Charles Jenkins, to replace Mr. Weldon. How about that, my agreeing with Governor O’Malley on something – anything – for a change.


Then Guy Djoken embarrassed himself and his local organization by opposing the candidacy of Mr. Jenkins for the seat on dubious grounds. According to Mr. Djoken, et al, Mr. Jenkins is a divisive figure who opposes illegal immigration.


This, of course, is total nonsense, as I’m convinced that Charles Jenkins has not one racist or bigoted bone in his 47-year-old body. As usual, anyone opposing illegal immigration, or any type of control of such, is, ipso facto, a racist, divisive type.


Wonder of wonders – now I agree with fellow Tentacle writer Roy Meachum, who wrote on last week, “Get real, Mr. Djoken. You were conned from the get-go.” You nailed it, Mr. Meachum, something that you seldom, in my view, ever do.


(Agreeing with Roy Meachum and Governor O’Malley – what’s happening here? What’s wrong with me? Aren’t the strange turns of politics fascinating?)


What bothered me most about this Hough v. Jenkins debacle was the implication by the Hough-Mooney camp that it is Hough who is the real conservative and the purest Republican. In a textbook example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Mr. Djoken allied himself with Hough/Mooney.


Oh, yes, Mr. Djoken has stated that he and his folks didn’t actually support Mr. Hough, but wanted to bring some of Charles Jenkins’s views to notice for the governor. Baloney! How can one oppose one candidate without supporting the other, at least tacitly?


Another item that bothers me is how some people berate the Washington County Republican Central Committee for “not playing nice” and going along with the decision by the Frederick equivalent to promote Mr. Hough. Our neighbors in Washington County had the right to promote Mr. Jenkins, and they did. They stuck to their guns, as is their right to do. I applaud their decision and their determination to abide by it.


* * * * * * * * *

As is usually the case at this time of year, I’m suffering from a severe case of PMS – Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. Too much snow; too much ice; too darn cold! Give me back my global warming, please…


Recently temperatures have moderated significantly, to the level we’re used to here in central Maryland. Still, no way will I take the big Yamaha Venture out on the salt-covered roads. It’s slippery out there! That stuff, whatever it is, is deadly on aluminum and steel.


Can’t wait ’til a good rain washes all that junk away. Here’s hoping for the continuation of warm temps, because at the sight of freezing temps, the salt trucks will be out again.


So, here’s a motorcyclist wishing for rain. What’s happening here? What’s wrong with me? Can’t believe I’m hearing myself say that…


* * * * * * * * *

Lots of good things going on at Frederick Community College these days. Most importantly, our new classroom center is now open to our students and faculty for all to use and enjoy. As our student body president said in an interview with Hagerstown’s Channel 25, FCC has now become, thanks to these new facilities, “a real college.”


Well, not exactly. We’ll still be a community college, with no baccalaureate programs, no dorms, and no student residents. Yet this building adds so much to our students’ campus life. No Taj Mahals at FCC. This is a functioning classroom building that also features conference rooms, faculty offices, study rooms, computer labs, student government offices, the college bookstore, and a huge dining area – all wireless, with comfortable chairs and lounges everywhere. Our students no longer have to sit on hallway floors to do their work and prepare for class.


Take the time to visit FCC and see for yourself how our tax dollars have been so efficiently put to use, for the benefit of our students, and, ultimately, our Frederick community. Being on the Board of Trustees of this fine institution is both an honor and a privilege for me.


* * * * * * * * *

I attended the girls’ basketball game between Urbana and Middletown Friday night; a former student of mine, Mari Kordell, is Urbana’s point guard. A well fought contest it was. Watching the second half of the junior varsity game between these two schools brought out to me the huge difference between J.V. on one hand, and varsity on the other. Not only are the varsity girls at both schools much taller and more athletic, but the skill level of the older players is, predictably, vastly superior.


Yet, our Frederick County Board of Education wants to eliminate freshman and junior varsity play as part of cost cutting. Totally ridiculous, and educationally unsound, in my opinion. I expect the school board to discover much more effective ways to economize rather than fool around with the development of our student athletes.


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