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October 23, 2002


John P. Snyder

It was British political philosopher Lord Acton who provided the assertion that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". If he were allowed to survey the political scene in Maryland today, he undoubtedly would say: "I told you so!"

For here in Maryland, for reasons that I will explain later, the lopsided advantage liberal Democrats have in representation has eliminated all the checks and balances that normally restrain the majority party.

Gov. Parris Glendening is viewed as the most liberal governor in the country. His administration has taken the state into uncharted liberal areas. And there is very little opposition to their agenda. And it shows.

Only in Maryland would the sitting governor get away with dumping his wife and then taking up with a young staffer (later to become the third Mrs. Parris Glendening) who was assigned a corner office and a $100,000 salary. While it was known to everyone, no one spoke up. Redistricting was going on, after all.

Mr. Glendening has shown himself to be the type of person that if you don't expect too much of him you'll never be disappointed. Gutless as always, he will not address the current year’s budget deficit, rather, he'll let his successor clean up his mess. You don't have to be responsible for anything when there is weak opposition.

One would think for arrogance and conceit, Parris Glendening would be hard to beat. Not when the Senate President Thomas V. (Mike) Miller is around. Although a lawyer, he instructed four of his acolytes in the Senate to discuss the redistricting appeal with the judges of the state Court of Appeals.

When reprimanded by the court for , in effect, tampering with the process, most people would express remorse and sorrow. Not him. He vowed revenge against those who squealed.

And then there is Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Using $45 million in federal anti-crime funds she helped create a good number of feel good initiatives that usually failed but did give staffers a comfortable living. My favorite is the fellow who billed her $40,000. for arranging a press conference. Only when he threatened to go public did they pay him a reduced rate of $30,000 for his hardworking efforts. Nice work, if you can get it.

Why is Maryland a socialist, one party state? George Bernard Shaw makes perfect sense of it all when he explained that "governments that rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul" Two vote-rich jurisdictions for the Democrats are Baltimore City and Prince George’s county. Each is a drain on the state’s resources because they lack a good solid tax base to offset their needs. About 35% of their budgets are derived from revenues from the state, eating up a large portion of what the state has to offer other counties.

Knowing that the state will always bail them out, Prince George’s County residents have capped their property tax rates. No dummies are they in PG county. Votes in return for state aid keeps the Dems in power.

Every four years we are given an opportunity to break up this monopoly of power.

Those who enjoy one-party rule, and feel a strong two-party system is overrated, can vote for Kathleen Townsend and Sue Hecht along with the rest of Democratic slate of candidates for the legislature.

For those who are appalled at the excesses that occur when a strong two-party system is absent will be voting for Bob Ehrlich, Alex Mooney and David Brinkley, along with the rest of the Republican legislative slate.

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