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As Long as We Remember...

January 15, 2010

Mooney Lost, Jenkins Won!

Roy Meachum

Give Michael Hough credit: When asked by The Frederick News-Post how his position differed from Charles Jenkins on illegal immigration, he said: “I don’t know that we’d vote differently on the issue.”


Mr. Hough should have told patron State Sen. Alex Mooney in advance.


In overkill that has characterized his political career, the man I once called “my littlest Fascist” (Tuesday, January 12) dragged in the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP wrote a letter to Gov. Martin O’Malley questioning Mr. Jenkins’ suitability for appointment to the House of Delegates.


But in time for the legislature’s opening Wednesday, Mr. Jenkins was named to fill out the term of Rick Weldon, who resigned to help administer Frederick’s City Hall.


Like his mentor, Mr. Hough disparaged the letter: “This is the problem when you have to go to a Democrat…all types of groups weigh in.” This was as much a public hand-washing as I’ve ever seen from a politician. In essence, he was saying, in advance of the decision that he had nothing to do with the letter.


The statesman in the Frederick delegation, State Sen. David Brinkley, summed up for the public record:


“By virtue of them (NAACP) criticizing Charles Jenkins, they are endorsing Mike Hough, which I find fascinating dealing with the illegal immigration issue.”


Not for the first time, I agree with Mr. Brinkley: it was pointed out in my most recent column: “Since (Sen. Mooney’s) a child of a family that presented itself suddenly on this shore as refugees from Cuba, it seems hypocritical to support measures that are anti-immigrant.”


Since my record shows that over the years I have consistently backed the NAACP, I feel that I’ve earned the right to ask why the organization stepped into this political barnyard mess. What sweet words did the Mooney faction pour into President Guy Djoken’s ear that he would pose the accusation: Mr. Jenkins “wasn’t someone who would bring the community together?”


And Mooney-clone Hough would? Get real, Mr. Djoken. You were conned from the get-go.


What saved Frederick County legislative District 3-B was the fact that Mr. Hough’s chief henchman is well known in Annapolis. From his first day in the General Assembly Mr. Mooney showed total disrespect for the institution; teamed with equally new delegate Joe Bartlett, the freshman senator well earned the column’s labeling as “The Katzenjammer Kids.”


The Mooney-led duo not only earned their fellow legislators approbation, they made all Frederick voters look like foolish “rubes.”


Mr. Bartlett managed to mend his ways to become a respected member of the House of Delegates, which he remains despite a domestic issue. Mr. Mooney’s sole claim to political virtue comes from the money he brings in from other ultra-right – sometimes Cuban exile – groups.


To sum up, please allow me to quote from Tuesday’s column since nothing really changed:


“I count on Michael Hough backed by Alex Mooney’s deep pockets to run way up the September spending.


“If the Mooney wannabe wins in the…primary this could mean disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents might award ex-GOP Rick Weldon’s seat to the candidate from the other party.”


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