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As Long as We Remember...

January 12, 2010

“My Littlest Fascist”

Roy Meachum

When Alex Mooney’s political fuzz still rested on his cherubic cheek, I took to calling the state senator “My littlest Fascist,” to the point he replied: “I don’t like that.” To which I answered: “Please stop acting like one, Alex.”


It’s not his Republican registration.


On the record, I have upheld the right for election such GOP stalwarts as Anita Stup, Roscoe Bartlett, Chuck Jenkins, Jim Grimes and David Brinkley; there were more. In the recent city races I found words to cheer on aldermanic candidates C. Paul Smith and Shelley Aloi. She made it; he didn’t.


Partisanship aside, Senator Mooney squarely stands for things totally inimical to me – and in a very mean-spirited way. Most grievously he wants the federal government to be the ultimate determinant on issues that I do not. It’s all very well and good to spout lower taxes as a political promise; but not when you support a war that al-Qaeda hopes will force this country into bankruptcy. Since he’s a child of a family that presented itself suddenly on this shore as refugees from Cuba; it seems hypocritical to support measures that are anti-immigrant.


People tend to forget former Del. Anita Stup threw her immense popularity behind the state senator wannabe a dozen years ago; in conversations she wants to forget it.


Now Alex Mooney is trying to imitate Ms Stup: he’s thrown his not inconsiderable weight, including money, behind Michael Hough who worked for the senator as a legislative assistant. He left Annapolis to prepare his run for the delegate seat held by Rick Weldon, City Hall’s newest administrator and my colleague on


Not to worry for Mr. Hough’s wife and two children, sponsored by the senator he went to work for the American Legislative Elections Commission, which is where his sponsor receives paychecks. The last time I looked ALEC listed the county senator in a fundraiser and public relations role; he still serves as a state manager.


Charles Jenkins, a fellow Republican and chief competitor for the Weldon seat, certainly has more experience; his service as a county commissioner starkly contrasts with Mr. Hough’s staff role in Annapolis. Mr. Mooney’s protégé managed to be selected chair for the local GOP Central Committee where, not surprisingly, he voted for himself as Mr. Weldon’s replacement. Their brand of politics is egomaniacal to the core.


Somebody may wonder why this year the Washington and Frederick County Republican Central Committees came up with different suggestions for Martin O’Malley to appoint to serve out Rick Weldon’s term. The best answer I can come up with: Because GOP members living in the next county do not want a Mooney clone.


Surfacing of the one-on-one rivalry for the seat this early can only mean a very hot primary in the fall. I count on Michael Hough backed by Alex Mooney’s deep pockets to run way up the September primary spending.


If the Mooney wannabe wins in the September primary this could mean disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents might award ex-GOP’s Rick Weldon’s seat to the candidate from the other party.


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