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January 8, 2010

The Greatest Confidence Game

Joe Charlebois

The world is being hoodwinked. World leaders and influential policy makers met last month to put forth a plan to stop global warming which will increase restrictions on individual freedoms by bringing forth a new era of sweeping international government power that the world has not seen in hundreds of years.


News organizations – including more conservative leaning ones – failed to present the real question that was being asked during the Copenhagen Climate Summit. That is “how to bring about the end of capitalism?”


A socialist tide is sweeping the globe with sympathetic ears in every nation. How has this happened?


As has been commented on by several opinion leaders, the “green movement” is the new home of the communist party. Under the guise of saving “mother earth,” the communists have found a way to gain their lost power through the usurpation and redistribution of wealth through cap and tax schemes that penalize industry and nations that are industrially advanced.


Those who don’t believe in this rising tide haven’t read the transcripts of the addresses made in Copenhagen.


Leaders of emerging nations and third-world nations demanded reparations from the industrialized world for the untold damage to the planet caused by global warming. They foretell of a global crisis that is destined to lead to natural disasters, hunger and death.


Prior to the summit, leaders and their appointed representatives came with their agendas in hand. Based on data that had been presented to the United Nations, it was said that the earth is going through an astronomically quick rise in temperatures based on anthropogenic causes.


Even though there is genuine debate over the causes of climate change, it is impossible to determine if man could have caused even a percent of change. The earth has gone through millions of years of fluctuations. There have been periods of extreme heat and extreme cold. None of which were caused by man.


A repository of the most extensive amount of data regarding the earth’s temperature is in the hands of a small group of scientists. The focal point of global warming studies is at the University of East Anglia. Just recently the leading scientists at East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) were found to be excluding data contrary to the desired results. Data that may or may not have a great effect on the results – but we may never know.


With the potential scandal brewing within the climate-change world, outsiders have sought to access their data. According to The Wall Street Journal, the National Science Foundation, and both NOAA and NASA, have declined for years to provide information on climate research and those who fund such research through a Freedom of Information Act request. The illegal denial of publically funded research is troubling.


With the world in blind acceptance of this climate research, it allows for those you would take advantage of it do so. Socialist leaders from around the world have used this information to push forth their agenda for significant income redistribution.


In Copenhagen Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called for a new International. The previous Internationals were gatherings of the fathers of communism. He called Venezuela’s revolution as only the beginning of the world revolution. He is certain once the revolution in Venezuela is complete that other Latin American countries will follow suit, followed by Europe and the United States. He will continue to fight against what he calls United States imperialism. He also stated that the only way to end global misery and ensure a future for humanity is to bring Marxism to the entire world.


Behind the pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming those who seek to control the means of production are using this information to extort from the wealthy industrial nations trillions of dollars to be divided up among the leaders of emerging and third-world nations.


As President Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales call for a worldwide workers revolution, they are looking at ways and means to fund this new “International” from the coffers of the capitalistic systems and destroy that same system through revolution.


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