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October 21, 2002

Getting out of this mess

Lee Marshall

Here are some proposals many of you might embrace:

1. LET’S START A PETITION DRIVE to recall The Ever Lovin’ Mare’s election and install an interim chief executive. There are a couple polecats around the yard, who might do a better job. What is surprising is that there are eight or 10 people who think she’s doing a good job.

Methinks they are just plain stupid. Considering her most recent antics at the parade and in Silly Hall with DAVE LIONHEART, the recall petition seems a good alternative. The recent poll in the Daily Bugle was striking in that she led all others as someone we’d like to see on a Greyhound Bus out of town.

(Editor’s Note: Petitions must have the basic statement of purpose and be signed by bonafide Frederick city voters with name and address. Opinions expressed by the writer are not necessarily those of The Tentacle®.)

The Ever Lovin’ Mare is proving to many that she is unfit ethically, morally, intellectually and emotionally to be mayor of The City of Frederick. Her "Better Way" has taken us from toilet paper back to corncobs (you know, yellow ones, then white ones to see if you need another yellow one).

Good news, though, the recent rains may have put the stopper on the Ever Lovin’ Mare and her pronouncements of impending doom in the City of Frederick. Thankfully there have been a few days respite, too, from the city’s chief executive trying to throttle the members of the Board of Aldermen. Some of The Ever Lovin’ Mare’s antics have been too sophomoric to even merit comment. Guess she’s crying in her beer, too, that the board sent the employee unions packing. So much for the value of those campaign donations.

2. MR. LIONHEART NEEDS "CITY" STATIONERY with just his name on it. He can use the old 250th anniversary logo. We elected the aldermen to be fully empowered to represent us as the legislative body of the city. If Oh Donna could use city letterhead for her pet projects last year, certainly the others may do that. The Ever Lovin’ Mare probably was angered that Mr. Lionheart didn’t let her get her name out in front on the program to teach parents how to protect their children.

3. WE NEED A GOOD LEGAL FIGHT to clarify the separation of powers in Silly Hall. The Ever Lovin’ Mare has the services of Heather Long Stockings while Joey B., Uncle Bill and Mr. Lionheart can use former City Chief Legal Services Officer Lynn Tillery Board. Miz B might like that fight. Chances are the court would clip some of the chief executive’s wings. There is nothing like lawyers fighting lawyers in front of judges who are bored by the hen fighting.

3. BEER WAS INVENTED TO KEEP THE IRISH FROM RULING THE WORLD (bumper sticker). Truer words were never spoken. I cherish my Irish friends and Irish brew, but we believe The Ever Lovin’ Mare should emigrate to Ireland and run a pub in County Cork.

4. LET’S GIVE LENNY THOMPSON THE BOOT. He could go to Ireland, too, where he might fit in better. Most agree that he is a crass, over-mouthed buffoon, who manages to insult even the voters whom he’d like to put him back into office. Tell your momma she wants you, Lennie, and wash your mouth out with soap.

Regarding others on the ballot for commissioner, the potential makeup of the new board could be more disastrous than the last one. Are we in for an economic downturn for other than federal dollars because of them? Builders are now headed north and west, creating a bonanza opportunity for the once disadvantaged region.

Most of the commissioner candidates are well meaning but just not adorned with the tools to do more than single issue work. Exceptions might be CHARLES JENKINS and JOHN LOVELL. The dark horse will be HUGH WARNER, a surprise primary winner who just may have the temperament to be a successful commissioner. He’s been fighting Winchester Hall for years. BELINDA TEAGUE-LEVY’s baggage is DAVID GRAY, for whom she has been admin aide. She does have working knowledge, but perhaps not the emotional strength to be effective. She has almost earned the title of "political gadfly," having run in several elections for a variety of offices.

5. CURIOUS AND A BIT SATISFYING it is to see the president of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners hit a stone wall in trying to develop his own property. If Little David had managed to provide some leadership and control, stayed on one course of action without changing his mind, and not gotten swept away by the anti-growth numnuts, he might have had a chance to make a few bucks on his little tract in Walkersville. We don’t want to see any political influence. You pay all the same fees as the rest!

(ASIDE: Walkersville is a lovely little burg with some great people, so how did Lenny and Little David end up embarrassing you. Perhaps you were just happy to kick them upstairs.)

6. SEN. ALEX MOONEY is really getting the blast put on him by the Democrats, who cannot explain away the role DEL. SUE HECHT(no) played in getting Maryland in this fiscal mess of $1.7 billion dollars and taxes run awry with nothing to show for it but the need for more taxes. Sweet Sue is pleasant enough, but she cannot deny that she was part of the Democratic plan to put the screws to Marylanders in the name of political correctness. Name the PC and she was there.

8. WE HEAR THAT SWEET SUE is running a clean campaign because she signed that impotent pledge. Her cronies in the dirty tricks offices here and in Annapolis are doing the deed for her. A friend of mine told me you could never trust many female politicians, after which he pointed out the likes of SEN B. (MIKE) KULSKI, SEN. HILL R. CLINTON, THAT KENNEDY WOMAN, The Ever Lovin’ Mare, Oh Donna, and others. We had a little disagreement in that the only Democrats we could trust these days don’t have the body parts to make a positive difference for us. And you got to watch some of those Republicans, too.

9. LOGIC DEFIES JOE BARTLETT beating Del. Louise Snodgrass, except that Lou-Lou did not always toe the Republican line and the gerrymandered district 4A did what it was supposed to do – beat at least one GOP incumbent. RUN LOUISE RUN! Not even in two terms will Little Joe learn what to do in Annapolis, nor have any influence whatsoever. Both sides of the aisle forget he’s even there and he can’t expect any good committee assignments.

10. If Lou-Lou consents to a last ditch effort to push for election as a write-in candidate, we might see a rerun of the Mount Airy election fiasco. Will the election board detail for voters what forms of her name it will accept as a valid vote? Many will vote for her whether she agrees. She’s a real thorn for the Dems.

11. THAT KENNEDY WOMAN is invoking every family icon she can conjure up to get the governor’s office. Her Dem spinners find it hard to be factual in any ad and BOBBY E. has an ad that is sticking. It’s all about budget deficits but mostly corruption. Only the voters will separate those two wannabes. The good thing is that no matter the top vote getter in that race, it means we won’t have Parris.

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